3 TikTok Marketing Tips for Businesses

Tip #1: Find people who use the app and ask them questions.

It’s hard to market your brand or business on TikTok if you aren’t familiar with the platform.

People who use the app and connect with others through it, tend to know some best practices for marketing through the app.

If you can hire someone or work with someone that uses TikTok every day, this will be helpful. Someone who has marketed through the app before would be even better.

This comes down to getting some insight into how the app works, and how hashtags will affect your traffic. Do some research. Do some testing. Watch how other people do it.

Tip #2: Use promotions or sales, and set up your bio link to go right there

Much like the swipe up feature on Instagram stories, you can create content that promotes your bio link to increase website traffic and hopefully generate some sales.

With so much volatility in the TikTok search engine, there is always a chance the right person comes along your process.

If you are selling a service, this might not be effective unless your service is niche and applies to people on the app. For those selling products, the impulse buy is what you are looking.

Much like with product ads across Facebook and Google, the impulse buy is what drives many of these platforms to push products across their user channels.

Tip #3: Be genuine and watch your competitors

TikTok is a great space to be in if your competitors haven’t yet joined the race. It’s important to stay genuine and to keep people in front of the camera who are good at what they do and have good personalities.

People who are still young and happy are great for TikTok marketing.

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