Does Your CPG Brand Need a Store Locator?

This is a question a lot of CPG companies I work with ask, and the answer is always yes. If you have a CPG website and are available in stores, you need to have a way for customers to find you in-store. The problem comes down to which one should you use, and will it […]

How CPG Brands Should Use Google Ads

Many of my competitors are scared to write about many of the things I write about because it would be considered giving away secrets. I’m not really scared about doing that. Here are the best 4 ways that CPG brands can use Google Ads to grow their presence: Shopping Ads Brand Awareness Ads Niche Audience […]

How To Grow Organic SEO for CPG E-Commerce

As the CPG industry evolves to make way for digital marketing, we are seeing many traditional pieces begin shifting. CPG has always found the most success through in-store, whether that’s Kroger or Walmarts, in-store has been the best way to get products to your customers. In 2019, the total spent on digital marketing across the […]

Best Practices for Adding Recipe Schema

With years of experience in CPG marketing, I have been using recipes to grow organic traffic for a long time. I’ve seen the value in recipe content since it was initially implemented in around 2012, but since then I have watched it evolve perfectly for the CPG landscape. I now work with CPG companies to […]

How To SEO Audit a CPG Website

With over 6 years in the industry of CPG websites, I have helped countless companies start entering the world of the digital age. For CPG, there are many new factors that come into play once you start entering online spaces. E-Commerce is an essential part of the new age in CPG marketing and many businesses […]

The 3 Biggest Problems for CPG Websites

Many CPG brands find themselves behind on the times when it comes to digital marketing. And that’s because the digital landscape and shifted completely under the bottoms of most CPG companies. Even just 10 years ago, the best ways to market products in groceries were mostly traditional. Coupons, weekly magazines, and commercial spots all stood […]

Case Study: Optimizing SEO for a Website Tool Page

Digital tools are an essential part of the evolving website landscape as competition increases for consumer attention. Creating a custom tool on your website can get you ranked for thousands of new keywords while answering high volume queries that your audience may be asking. If your tool can solve a problem, you will start building […]