from website strategy to branding design, we can give suggestions on how to connect deeper to your audience and make your demographic more likely to convert. our consulting work is heavily focused on improving conversions and increasing sales and traffic through your user channels. 

Lyrical Lemonade

for Lyrical, we are constantly providing suggestions and directions on types of tools and software to use. from email marketing, to seo and social media presence, we have been working with cole and the lyrical team to help evolve their brand over 2023. 

we work directly with their dns to manage and help facilitate redirects and new drops for merchandise. with quick updates and fast response, we help the lyrical team accomplish everything their boutique audience is seeking.

consumer goods

in 2024 lyrical is working on launching their beverage product. with my deep experience in consumer goods, i’ve given recommendations on platforms to use, digital marketing techniques, and more related to cpg marketing. 

web security

when we first took over the blog portion of the website, there were some serious security flaws we needed to address via Cloudflare and other softwares. we consulted on how to best migrated the 10,000 post pieces from their old site to the new site, and then implemented the strategy ourselves to maintain SEO and continue growing the blog site. 


avenuear is a startup music company that connects independent musicians to top A&Rs and we have been working with them for multiple years to help build their online platform. 

we have helped them start email marketing, text marketing, social media and google ads, and many more new ways of connecting with people. all of these new channels have greatly impacted their user base and we continue growing their search engine presence the whole time. with our deep understanding of marketing techniques and implementation, we can help evolve startups into content machines. 

Lobster Anywhere

we helped lobster anywhere scale their strategy via schema and structured data to pull more traffic directly from Google search for users interested in products. most of this work was consultation with a bit of implementation to support their current development team. we never require to do all the work ourselves. we will always work within your current team and what is working for you to ensure we keep success going forward. 

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