custom web development

although current web frameworks can get certain things done, we all understand that sometimes you need a custom solution, and that’s something we specialize in. whether its a backend dashboard, or a front-end 3d experience, we have handled bringing projects from idea to life in the web development world. 

Digital Paint

for digital paint, we helped take the project to the finish line. the first team had completed a basic outline, and we worked to finish the website and deliver UI elements on top to make it functional. 

we worked between Jen Starks team and ours to ensure feedback was implemented as we had very tight deadlines to complete this project. 

user experience

the primary struggle with this website is making the UI usable and easy to engage while being able to use the painting canvas on the screen. our internal development team worked hard to create unique ways to solve these problems while making the website incredible fast and smooth to use. 


as we completed the site, there were a few integrations with the team that we needed for NFTs. we implemented these with their dev team and made the process smooth. 


Loneworld is a world created by Lonewolf and Nucson. Using the 3d experience format, users can go through the city and experience videos and Zac’s art in a 3d environment. 

The custom framework for Loneworld features a backend for updating content across the site, as well as accepting submissions and reviewing them for the built in submission platform. Inside of the cool 3d world is a fully functional CMS that helps any of the team add new content to the website. 

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