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Most Popular Content Services

These are the most requested types of content we have from our clients. From fully custom blog content made to increase traffic, or curation of recipes to find new customers.


From dental offices to CPG brands, we can curate articles focused on trending topics that will bring traffic.


We find recipes that are trending and align with popular trends. We optimize them with structured data to increase traffic.  


Post content is important. We work to curate your posts with your articles on your website. It all works together.


We optimize PR content for search engines. This helps your content get picked up more, while having great content.

Content is an essential part of your website as it tells Google what keywords to rank you for. Many businesses have a hard time creating website content that is easy to read and effective at targeting important keywords. That’s why they source it out to another company. This is because business owners have a lot of information in their heads, but no structure for attempting to contain it all. I work directly with your business and listen to people who have knowledge about your industry. I will create a list of questions and after our conversation, I will use that structure to create a valuable and SEO-optimized article to start your organic campaign.

Does Your Website Need Content?

Most websites don’t have enough content to start directing traffic to their website from other user channels to maintain organic ranks. If your goal is to grow your websites organic traffic, you will need to consistently generate content that is effectively targeting keywords that are related to your current ones. This also involves providing value to your audience, so they keep coming back to your website or even start using your website as a reference tool. We work with your internal team to generate unique content that will rank your website for hundreds of keywords. Check out our SEO case studies to see how it works!

The Types of Website Content

Different types of website content will be focused on varying parts of your SEO campaign. From the home page to your individual service pages, it is important to have a strategy in place before moving forward with any content development, and even web development. We spend time analyzing your direct competitors to see which parts of their websites are failing, so we can work to take that space for ourselves.

Creating an Effective Home Page

Your home page will be the main page that new users will land as this page will often rank for the most keywords organically. This page should be effective in directing people around your site, and showing them exactly what you have to offer. If it’s e-commerce, add products to the home page and show your customer how you add value. Home pages are commonly overlooked for their page speed. Page speed is an essential part of organic SEO as it greatly affects the user’s experience once they are on your website. If your website takes more than 4 seconds to display content, chances are your customers are pressing the back button. Here is a quick checklist for the most effective home page websites:
  1. Load speed less than 4 seconds
  2. Users can find your product or services through main nav
  3. The content structure expresses your brand mission

Writing SEO-Focused Service Pages

Services pages should be the primary way your website grows organically. Creating effective services pages is multi-faceted and involves understanding your audience in a way where you are always informing them about how they can grow. Page hierarchy is an essential part of service pages as parent and child organizations will explain to Google how your website is organized. We will analyze services pages that are already successful in your industry and breakdown how they got there. Looking at elements like URL structure, meta and title tags, and page speed will all work to increase the effectiveness of your service pages. The best services pages have page sidebars that direct users through more services pages or across other pages of the website. As these pages will rank organically as landing pages, you will want to implement ways for customers to convert and invest in your brand.

Does the About Page Matter?

Your website’s about page will be the best way to explain the value of your brand. Whether it’s a mission statement or just the history of your business, people will go to the about page when they want to understand why you do what you do.

Custom Content Creation for CPG Brands

As we have several members of our team who specialize in SEO for CPG brands, we work with several CPG companies to create content for social media, their blog, and to generate more organic keywords. With experience in generating effective recipes for SEO, we can develop recipe ideas, work with a production team to generate images and video, and then optimize them across digital platforms.

Optimizing Content for SEO in Tucson, AZ

Every local business needs to be adding consistent content to their website if they expect to stay competitive or reach the #1 spot for their prime keywords. Targeting for the right keywords at from the beginning is a hard thing to do, but we can help you optimize from the ground up.

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