Reputation Management

Most people don’t know of the term reputation management, but it summarizes an essential part of digital marketing, and organic SEO specifically.

What is Reputation Management?

Think of websites like Yahoo! and Yellow Pages, that exist as enormous online directories with millions of links connecting them all. When it comes to starting up a new website or a business, it’s essential to do some work generating directory listings and managing them for important content.

There are tools like Yext and Synup that automatically manage directories for you, and this is a great option for people who have the money and want to invest. We are a Yext partner and can connect any local business to Yext services at a low cost while working with them to manage important directories and create new backlinks.

Google My Business; the Most Important Directory

Google has created many platforms to help businesses optimize and connect to their search engine results. The most important one being Google My Business. Any business can create a profile here, and verify their address to begin being ranked. Local ranks are done through the map pack, and we can optimize your map pack listing organically.

Google My Business gives you many options to optimize your business across Google including:

  • Business Postings
  • Updating Information
  • Analytics Insights
  • Direct to customer messaging
  • Photo gallery
  • Bookings
  • Google Site Integration

These tools are an important way to stay ahead of your competition directly through Google, while also practicing the art of curating content. We can manage your Google My Business account, and provide options for optimizing your rank in the local map pack.


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