WordPress Development

I have been building websites in WordPress for over 6 years. This includes custom theme development, page infrastructure, and user interface design.

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) and most businesses prefer their website to be in WordPress unless they deal in e-commerce.

I Create WordPress Content

All of the content I create with my team is optimized for WordPress and ready for the framework. Using tools like Yoast SEO, we can ensure that title and meta tags are fully optimized for the keywords your webpage is targeting.

Before we create SEO optimized content, I use a complex method to analyze competitor strategies for article length, keyword strength, and heading tag organization. This article describes how we analyze competitors for organic SEO.

Our WordPress Services

When it comes to website maintenance and management, it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. We listen to the needs of your business and the potential you see in your website. After doing in-depth research, we develop a comprehensive plan that spans at least 6 months to ensure your needs are met.

Managing WordPress Migrations

Some of our clients come to use with a website built in Squarespace or Wix, asking how to increase their SEO and overall traffic. When it comes down to it, even platforms where you can pay for SEO like Shopify, can’t even ensure your website will rank.

We can migrate your website from any website building platform, onto a WordPress install that is SEO optimized. For one of our clients, we did a full website migration from Weebly to WordPress and saw a big increase in overall organic traction.

Weebly to WordPress SEO Case Study

We initially did the migration in December of 2018, when we started noticing that the website was losing traction organically to competitors who were running ads and pushing people directly to their website.

When we started the migration, these were our organic keyword numbers for the month. The main goal of any SEO campaign should be to increase the number of Top 3 keywords your website is ranking for, as these ranks will always see the most traffic.

With a total of 121 keywords, our client was a bit scared to move forward because she assumed we would lose ranks if we were to migrate the website. When migrating a website to WordPress, there are a few key steps that need to take place to ensure you maintain your current SEO rank:

  • Download current keywords
  • Redirect old URLs to new URLs
  • Copy meta & title tags

Results of the Migration

Overall, we saw complete success with migrating the website to WordPress. As you can see in our keyword rankings for June of 2019, we essentially doubled the number of organic keywords our website is ranking for. Even though we didn’t see a large increase in our Top 3, we did see that our 51-100 keywords essentially doubled.

This, in turn, strengthens our top performing keywords and keeps them safe from competitors who may be using black-hat strategies for boosting their SEO.

Maintenance for WordPress Websites

Beyond content and interface optimizations, we can also work to maintain your WordPress website.

Many people assume websites don’t need maintenance, but if your website has over 1,000 URLs, there is a chance that some of them are being indexed incorrectly or have crawl issues.

Using essential tools like Google Search Console, we monitor your website for any technical errors that may be affecting SEO or user experience.

Increase Organic Traffic to WordPress Website

One of our most used services is organic SEO. That’s because we have proven time and time again that we are effective in created seamless SEO strategies that develop over years. We know exactly how to grow local services businesses but can also work with national level brands for consulting or content creation.

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