How To Add Schema to Single Pages on a Wix Website

Wix is one of the world’s most popular website builders to date. Why is Wix so popular?

Wix is a template-based website builder, and it’s trusted but over 100 million people as their website platform. From an easy design interface to simple integration for new functionality, Wix is a great choice for people who are starting their first website or are trying to get their business online.

In this article, I will be explaining the best ways to install structured data on single pages of your website.

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Benefits of Using Rich Markup for Wix

Why should you use schema on Wix? Schema can help you generate new impressions and clicks from users all over the world. People who have never seen your brand and are interested in your content or information. In my opinion, impressions are an important metric to always have trending upwards because it’ll lead to more clicks in the future.

Types of Structured Data

If you have a Wix website, and you’re thinking about adding structured data to your website, there is a good chance you might be thinking about one of these markup types:

  • Local businesses
  • Large organizations
  • Recipe websites
  • How-To tutorial website
  • News & Publications

Generally, these industries will want to know how to implement structured data on their website. You can use the resource to find new types of structured data to begin building markup for your brand. Note that Google does not support and display all types of markups, and the ones listed here are currently being utilized.

In the following table, we go through the

How To Install Schema on Specific Pages of a Wix Website

Once you have your organization or local business schema in place, you might want to start adding specific rich markups to your website to generate rich results. Like we talked about earlier, if you have a recipe or food blog on Wix, you can use the recipe structured data to generate recipes results for your website.

Steps Picture
1. Log into your Wix website
2. Click “Select & Edit Site” On the Wix Backend
3. In the left nav menu, click the Site Pages icon
4. Find the page you want to add Schema to and click the 3 dots icon, click SEO Basics
5. Click the + and add a new markup
5. Once your code is added, go to the Structured data testing tool with your website URL for verification.

Once you have installed and tested your structured data on your web page, you will want to manually submit your page for indexing through Google Search Console. This will ensure your page is quickly being indexed, and if there are any errors with your schema, they will display inside of the search console.

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