How To Install Google Tag Manager on Weebly in 2020

In 2020, it’s never been more important for website owners to understand and utilize Google tracking tools. On any Weebly website, we think that all website owners should always install both Google Analytics and Google Search Console to their website to consistently measure and monitor their website traffic.

Google Tag Manager is a great way to install multiple tracking codes to your website, with only one snippet. In this article, we will teach you how to install Google Tag Manager to your Weebly website. Here’s a video I recently uploaded on my Youtube channel where I explain how to add Tag Manager to Weebly.

Use Google Tag Manager on your Weebly Website

Here are the 5 steps involved in installing the Google Tag Manager to your Weebly website. This process will require you to have your Weebly website ready to go and a Google Tag manager account that has a snippet for you to install.


Steps Picture
1. Log into your Weebly website
2. Click “Edit Website” in Weebly Website Dashboard
3. Once you are in the Weebly website editor, click settings in the top navigation click settings on weebly website design dashboard
4. In the website settings menu, click the tab on the left side that says, “SEO”
5. Take your Google Tag Manager snippet, and enter it into the “Header Code” section of the SEO page. Save the page and publish.
6. Take your second piece of code meant for the body tags of each page. Go into your Weebly Theme Setting, HTML / CSS Editor, and then click your header page. Add this code to the first body tag on this header page. You’re done! Verify complete installation using Google Tag Assistant.

Once you complete these steps, you have successfully installed Google Tag manager to your Weebly website.

Google Tag Manager FAQ for Weebly Websites

We have helped over 30 clients build and maintain their Weebly websites with the best practices for SEO in mind. From content to technical website optimizations, we have answered hundreds of questions from clients that are learning how to best use Weebly for their business.

Is Google Tag Manager better than Google Analytics?

Many people who are new to digital marketing don’t really understand what Google Tag Manager is. GTM is not necessarily better than Google Analytics, but you can use GTM to install Google Analytics and more script tags to your website. Google Tag Manager takes your script tags and combines them into one single script, so you don’t have to add a whole bunch of code to your website to use basic Google tools.

Will Google Tag Manager slow down my Weebly website?

Like any Javascript tag, adding Google Tag manager to your website will slightly slow it down, but not compared to adding multiple tags to your website instead of GTM. One of the primary benefits of GTM is that it can hold multiple script tags under one script, which will speed up your website over time.

How do I know if Google Tag Manager is working?

You can use a tool called Google Tag Assistant to analyze your pages and verify that your Google tags are functioning properly. Tag assistant will even show you your account ID to verify all of your tags are connected to the right account!


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