How To Succeed with CPG SEO in 2020

When it comes to SEO in 2020, most CPG brands understand that winning in their industry means starting first and starting strong. I have worked with many CPG brands to disrupt their industry market share using digital marketing strategies like search engines, social media, and recipe content creation.

  1. Update Your Website Framework
  2. Create a recipe content strategy
  3. Optimize for new keywords

Update Your Website Framework

Many of the CPG brands I work with are currently working on updating their website frameworks. My team and I give suggestions on the best website platforms to use, specifically geared for their niche. Depending on your type of CPG product, you will want to pick a website framework that will scale well with your business.

Why do I recommend upgrading your website?

I get this question a lot because there are several clients that have refused to upgrade their website frameworks, and we are unable to work with them. If you website framework is older than 5 years old, there is a good chance that it’s missing some very important elements that search engines look for to rank your pages. The most popular elements skipped by old website frameworks are:

how to choose best website frameworks for CPG

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Effective Meta & Title tags
  • Functional heading tag hierarchy
  • Easy structured data implementation

The Struggles of an old Website Framework

Once, I worked directly with a CPG brand with a website built in the Magento e-commerce framework from 2013. This website was incredibly hard to work with because it had not been built mobile-friendly and contained many Javascript functions to make it better for mobile users. These Javascript tags stacked up to slow the website down.

I worked with this brand to find a new website framework, migrate their content and SEO keywords, and optimize their new website for their 2020 website traffic goals.

Create Your Recipe Content Strategy

Moving into 2020, it’s important to build a content strategy for recipes in the new year. This will help you keep your tactics and strategy cohesive as you begin to implement and create content.

Working with Influencers across platforms like Instagram can prove to be a great way to generate some free content for your CPG brand. Reach out to micro-influencers who are seeking new opportunities and let them know how you can help them reach your audience.

use recipes to generate website traffic

From posting recipe content on your site to giving them posts on your story or even your feed, you can trade traffic from your social media for high-quality content pretty easily. Our in-house PR team does this exact work and will spend time generating meaningful relationships with influencers across all social media platforms. This is how you create a recipe content strategy:

  • Uncover keywords to target
  • Make recipe content

Uncover New Keyword Pockets

A new year means new opportunities. This is a great time to start looking into trends in health and fitness that could align with your CPG brand.

Once you do this, you will be able to find and target new keywords that will bring in high-intent people to your website. When I create SEO strategies for CPG brands, I tend to focus on diet topics that attract people to information. This can help you generate high volumes of traffic to your CPG website.

Create Recipe Content

Once you have new keywords to target, you should work to generate ideas for recipe content. You can also hire a recipe content creation company like ours and we can create custom recipes for your brand that align with important keywords moving into the new year.

Optimize Your Website For 2020 Keywords

Now that you understand what demographics you want to focus on, and you have a list of keywords you want to be targeting, you can start working to optimize your website and presence across social media for these keywords. So how do you start optimizing your website for keywords?

Start with High Traction Pages

Usually, CPG websites will have one or two landing pages (aside from the home page) that they can work to optimize. Whether that’s a recipe or a web tool, you should add new and relevant keywords to the page that you want to start ranking for. This can be in on-page content or in the meta and title tags of the page.

optimize your website for organic seo

Once you publish changes for your page, be sure to submit your URL to Google Search Console so they can index your page as soon as possible! This is essential for not letting page updates get left behind as Google does not know that page has changed, it could take them months to come back around and index the new content.

Add Structured Data to your CPG Website

In 2020, this is the most important step in gaining more traction for your website. Recipe schema is some of the most powerful structured data for CPG brands as they can bring many visitors to your website who have high intent for your product.

Interested in building a digital marketing plan for 2020? Contact us today!

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