How to Update a WordPress Website from Your Phone in 2020

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms, and I have been helping businesses build and migrate to WordPress for years. From the simple backend to flexible front-end, there is no question as to why WordPress is one of the best CMS platforms available. But what will happen as more and more people move from their computers to their phones?

This dynamic has always been an interesting space for me because I work for both older people and younger people. Generally, people who are older tend to be on their desktop computer more, and that is generally the best place to login and update aspects of your WordPress website.

Younger people on the other hand, generally prefer to use their phones to update their online platforms like Instagram, Etsy, and even BigCartel, but for WordPress, it can be a bit harder. Since I have started doing SEO work for artists, I have learned how important it is to be able to teach your clients how to update and use their WordPress website from their phone.

If you don’t learn how to update your own WordPress website, this can cost thousands of dollars over time in custom development. The rest of this article will work to teach you the best ways to update your WordPress website from your phone.

Use The WordPress App

Depending on the type of work you want to do on your website, using the WordPress app for iOS and Android can be a great idea. Here are some of the basic features of the WordPress app:

  • Post directly to your Blog Post Type
  • View basic traffic stats
  • Browse other WordPress websites for content
  • Push notifications for comments & followers
  • Automattic Jetpack Integration

As you can see, it’s very focused on the standard content types of WordPress, and might not be useful for users who are using custom post types and advanced custom fields. If you are a regular WordPress user that takes advantage of the blog and pages, this app is pretty good for you.

Limitations of the WordPress App

The WordPress app is great, but it only scratches the surface as what is possible through the WordPress CMS. Once you start getting into custom post types, front-end page builders, and custom fields, the app does not help. For these options, I have some other options you can take advantage of.

How To Login To WordPress on Your Phone

This is the primary way I recommend people use the WordPress backend on their phones. Since the WordPress backend is quite mobile-friendly, it shifts and shapes well to the size of your phone screen. Here are some screenshots of what it looks like to log in to WordPress on your mobile phone browser:

 without sidebar

Here are the steps for logging into WordPress on your phone:

  1. Open a mobile browser (Google Chrome, Safari)
  2. Navigate to your WordPress website
  3. In the URL box, type /wp-admin behind your domain name
  4. Enter your login credentials

That’s it! You have now logged into WordPress on your phone! Now I will talk about some of the benefits behind using a mobile browser instead of using the WordPress app.

Benefits of Using WordPress on Mobile Browser

  1. Full access to your custom post types
  2. Use front-end editors to design your website (Elementor, Divi)
  3. Access custom fields
  4. Add and Remove products from WooCommerce

As you can see, you can pretty much do everything inside of your WordPress website through your phone browser. Some of the features like page builders can be a bit clunky and might not even work. I have extensively tested with the front-end builder Elementor, and I have had no problems editing current on-page content (adding new content was difficult).

Use WooCommerce From Your Mobile Phone

Most of my clients use WooCommerce and even prefer to use it from their phone. They can add products, update current products, and even see current orders through their phone browser. This saves them from logging in to a desktop and interacting with their e-commerce store. We have created this video showing you exactly how to add products to your WooCommerce website from your phone.

Once you log into WordPress from your mobile phone, you are able to use it just like a computer. Contact me if you need a more detailed guide on using WooCommerce on your phone, as I provide this document to all my clients!


Can I design my WordPress website from my phone?

Yes! Designing WordPress from your phone isn’t hard, and you can install themes and tools to help you. Plugins like Elementor will help you design your website using a front-end interface that is easy to use.

Can I edit WordPress on an iPad?

On an iPad, you can use the WordPress app or you can log in to your website through a web browser.

Do I need a Desktop Computer to use WordPress?

No, you can use and update WordPress on your mobile device. Because the user backend for WordPress is mobile-friendly, it will work on pretty much any mobile device!

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