project management

we all need some good project management in our lives. my goal is never to replace anyone, but to help everyone currently in the project do their job better and in turn make the result better. paul has a proven track record of that. 

websites & developers

for yzy gap, I worked between their internal team and YZY x Nucson’s internal team. YZY was working with the dev team for high level web implementation, and we helped facilitate new designs and feedback from the GAP side. 


GAP has an incredibly large tech stack and working through how we might implement 3d technology was a feat in itself. hours and hours of meetings and discussions through how our boutique web work can fit into their behemoth of an e-commerce experience. 


we used many project management tools to keep tasks organized between many different agencies working at once. this is one of our specialities as we know how to create custom project management experiences tailored to the needs of the project.

managing writers & content

for Buffalo Market, we helped liason between their groups of writers who were all writing content at the same time. We also helped construct an over arching strategy that allowed specific writers to focus on each topic and this diversified the content greatly. This also improved our overall SEO traction and is a testament to how project management can make your current resources more effective and organized. 

want more?

we can provide a free audit, give you some feedback on your website, or just see how we can help. let’s connect!

meet me

paul is a real person and he’s pretty cool. you guys will probably have a good time talking, schedule a call here.