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What is Wix?

Wix is a website builder that offers both paid and free options. This is a great website builder for people who are new to building a website and want to figure out if it’s right for them.

A lot of times, people will invest a lot into building their website on a platform like WordPress and end up not using it. Wix is perfect for people who are just starting off with their website and are now sure how it’s gonna work out for them.

Benefits of Using Wix for your Website

We have worked with many clients who start on Wix and migrate to a more suitable website framework over time. We help them migrate their Wix content to WordPress and ensure their SEO remains intact and is set up to be better. Here are some of the primary benefits to using Wix:

  • Easy to set up and design
  • Front-end content management
  • Useful Plugins and Tools
  • Basic SEO options

Easy Designs and Many Templates

The best part of Wix is how many designs are available even at the free levels. This gives people the ability to test designs and create demo versions of their sites without commiting. I use these features for myself when I’m coming up with new ideas for sites!

The Wix drag and drop builder is very intuitive and there are many videos online explaining some best practices for using it and creating your site.

Expansive Plugin Market

With many plugins to choose from, the Wix App Market  has many quick integrations that will automatically add desired functions to your site. This is perfect for non-developers who are creating their website because it makes it really easy to make something unique.

Basic SEO for Local Business

The Wix SEO tools are well suited for local businesses. With meta and title options for each page, this toolkit is just enough to help local businesses start ranking online.

Downsides of Using Wix

Here are some downsides to using Wix for your website:

  • Too Many Paid Addons
  • Wix branding on Free sites
  • Limited SEO Features

When it comes to using Wix, it’s really easy to get going and start your business website. One of the biggest problems with using Wix for your business is that it doesn’t scale well into the future. What does that mean?

Over time, your website will generate keywords and eventually traffic from people who are searching for you across the web. It’s important to build your website on a framework that will help grow your SEO traction into the future, and with Wix, it can be hard but not impossible.

With the basic SEO tools inside of Wix, you can work to implement some of the most important features that will help you rank your website. Beyond that, you can work with a Wix SEO company to help build a strategy for the future.

Too Many Paid Addons

As the Wix company scales more and more, it seems that I recommend their paid plans less and less. Many of my customers find the plethora of tools overwhelming, and many of them don’t understand how to use the CRM features or the payment processing features.

Eventually, it would be great to be able to customize your dashboard to remove the extra apps that are not being used. In addition, every little upgrade seems to require its own payment, which is frustrating when comparing the other options out there.

Wix branding on Free sites

Unless you have a paid site, there’s no reason to even work on your SEO. Wix makes it difficult to scale your website without paying, which makes sense, but also leaves their platform to be less effective than Google Sites for local businesses.

Limited SEO Features

Once you get past the paywall, youll see the SEO features available to you, and you’ll notice they are mostly technical features. Although those technical features are very essential, there should also be some content analysis tools to help users write better content across their site, much like Yoast SEO and others.

Is Wix Good for SEO?

Generally speaking, my team would agree that Wix is good for SEO, especially when you’re just starting your website. As your scale your business, Wix is hard to manage without a developer.

We help many customers with scaling their Wix websites to the next level. Whether it’s with Schema or advanced content creation, we believe that Wix can be just as effective for SEO as other platforms if managed correctly. Many agencies believe that effective SEO cannot happen on Wix, but I don’t believe that.

If you’re intrested in our Wix SEO services, please reach out to the contact form here.

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