SEO for CPG Brands

I grow Consumer Goods brands organically.

With years of experience in the world of SEO, I have worked with many consumer goods brands on developing organic SEO strategies to ensure their product is set to last forever. From the world’s largest stevia brand to the world’s most recognizable art agency, I know how to dominate the market for years by building campaigns that build resonance in your audience.

With 2021 being dominated by social media and PR, my team and I have effective strategies in place for converting traffic and users into more visibility across Google Search.

how SEO works for CPG brands

Organic SEO is difficult for many consumer product brands as they feel it’s not important once they begin, and then it becomes very difficult for them to optimize once they find success.

Keyword Targeting

I work directly with you to target high-intent keywords your potential customers are searching for.

On-Page Optimization

With the perfect keywords, I can optimize current content and add functionality that boosts organic SEO.

Page Speed Increase

Page speed is one of Google’s key factors in understanding the usability of your site. Let’s optimize. 

keyword targeting & analysis

When it comes to CPG, it’s hard to know exactly which keywords you should be targeting.

I have helped several brands discover the ideal keywords for the future of their organic growth, and this gave them room to discover more about their brand and the audiences their products help.

uncover your current ranks

An essential part of moving forward with your brand and expanding your capabilities for organic reach, is understanding where your website currently ranks. We break down how to analyze your own website for relevant keywords, as well as taking a step into understanding how your high-ranking competitors got there. 

Once we have some insight into where your website currently ranks against the competition, we like to create a technical strategy to move your website towards a healthy and speedy direction. 

When it comes to technical optimizations for CPG websites, there are some key components that Google is watching out for listed on the right.

These elements are essential to how Google is able to analyze your page and then work to display it in front of people searching for similar intent. 

Building Relevant Content

Your website is one of the most important places to convert your customers, or explain to new ones why they should consider you.

Whether it’s your product page, your home page, or even your about page, we can work with you to build relevant content that targets keywords you want. 

Update Title, Meta, and Heading Tags

Title and heading tags and essential tools for Google to understand what your page content is about. Meta descriptions will point users to your page once your result is served to them, so make this like a call to action.

Analyze Your Website Page Speed

The loading speed of your pages is an important element of user experience. If your page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, there’s a chance that your users are just pressing the button to go back. 

on-page optimizations for CPG

  1. Relevance & length of your content
  2. Title, meta, and heading tags
  3. User experience

optimizing recipes for cpg

Recipes are one of the most important tools that CPG websites can take advantage of. Recipe SEO can help your website rank for more keywords, and can work to bring in potential customers. 

I have used recipes to rank for thousands of keywords for my clients, and in-turn, this work gradually grows their organic strength. 

importance of recipe schema

My competitors ask me why I write so much about schema, it’s the secret to SEO! But honestly, without a strategy, it won’t do much to add schema to each of your recipes. Here’s a case study where I created a strategy around recipe content and increased organic impressions by 300%.