Search Engine Optimization for Eyelash Extensions in 2020

I can help grow leads organically.

With years of experience working with eyelash studios across Arizona and California, I have helped several aestheticians increase the amount of leads they are able to get organically from Google. 

Whether you are a full fledged medical spa, or just offer eyelash extensions, I can help you add valuable content to your website to increase ranks organically.

SEO Strategies for Eyelash Extensions

Typically, many businesses tend not to focus on organic SEO in emerging industries like this one. But creating a base for strong organic SEO, will ensure you are position #1 and able to get all the leads available in the space. Here are some strategies for boosting organic SEO for eyelash extensions.


I can find out what keywords you currently rank for, and work with you to decide where we should start targeting.


With the perfect keywords, we can build a strategy to boost your website ranks and ensure you are #1 in the space.


Page speed determines the usability of your website. Monitor the size of images and unused CSS.

keyword targeting & analysis

For eyelash extension studios, it can be hard to understand how keywords affect your businesses rank organically. I have methods for uncovering how your website is currently ranking on Google, and I can give you a list what position you are and how many clicks you are getting from that source.

I have helped several eyelash artists create WordPress websites and get a strong base for SEO as they continue to grow their clientele locally, or nationally.

Create a List of Keywords

Once we know what you’re business it ranking for, we can use that information to find out what to target. There will be keywords where you are ranks #10 and to #3. These keywords have a high potential of becoming keywords where we are position #1, and this is exactly what we want. The more position #1-#3 keywords we can get, the better off we will be in organic search.

Simple Keyword Monitoring

Included in my SEO services is keyword monitoring. Once we generate a list of keywords that we believe will be effective for growing your business online, I will constantly be tracking our performance for those keywords as we begin to improve your website and your overall digital presence. 

Once we know where your website is ranking, we can start executing our strategy for targeting the keywords that we outlined.

When it comes to website optimizations for local and national service industries, there are some key elements that Google will use to value the content on your webpage.

Write Relevant Content

Most local business owners I work with end up being specialists in their field, and should begin working to create relevant content that answers the questions of people that may be searching for answers locally. If you own an eyelash studio, and there are people local to you asking questions about how to maintain lashes, you can draw in people locally with your website content.

You will need to have service pages on your website, and I specialize in writing effective service pages  that help rank your website for high intent keywords. These service pages should also work to explain the core of your brand and why these users should be visiting your business.

Update Meta Descriptions and Title Tags

Meta descriptions and title tags are what Google will pull in your search results. If you see your search on Google, you will notice the text displayed is either pulled automatically, or is set in the back-end. If you are using WordPress or another CMS, there are options for setting custom titles and meta descriptions and these will help you rank and bring organic users to your website. 

Analyze Your Website Page Speed

The loading speed of your pages is an important element of user experience. If your page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, there’s a chance that your users are just pressing the button to go back. 

on-page optimizations

  1. Relevance & length of your content
  2. Title, meta, and heading tags
  3. User experience