SEO for Food Blog Websites

Recipes can grow your blog.

In the past couple of years, me and my team have built some of the best recipe SEO strategies to date, and we love working with food blogs. From optimizing current content, to building cohesive strategies for future content, we know how to bring high-intent users directly to your website through organic search. 

how SEO works for food blog websites

Obviously, every website is different. We have worked in consumer goods all the way to vegan home cooking websites. We know food and we know food search.

RECIPE Optimization

With a strong list of keywords, we attack your website with a full team of web developers.


We build schema strategies that last years. We look for the newest trends and what will boost your traffic.


We work with you to figure out what keywords you think are working and mix them with the best

recipe optimization

Many food blogs we work with have over 1,000 posts on their website. For a lot of SEO consultants, this may seem like too much work, but for us, it’s why we are here.

We can help you take complicated and dense recipe categories, and work to optimize them for search. We create complex documents that help you understand the keyword pockets that will be effective, so you can approach your SEO strategy from every platform. 

How To Analyze Your Recipe Content

Many food blogs are disconnected from their current search performance, and I help brands really understand where they are, and where they can get. A lot of websites ask me, how can I analyze my current recipe content? Here are some easy ways to see if your recipes are performing as they should:

  1. Google your recipe keywords and see if rich snippets are displaying
  2. Use structured data analysis to see if there are any opportunities for new schema
  3. Look on Pinterest and organic search to see where your recipes are displaying. 

What is Schema?

I get this question a lot. Structured data is a form of Javascript code that search engines will use to understand your website in a more in-depth way.

In my SEO agency, we use structured data to create complex and effective strategies that can increase traffic coming to your website, as well as increase your brand awareness. 

Structured data is primarily what powers rich snippets, and rich snippets are really important for recipes. Any food blog that is paying attention to SEO, understand that they want their content to display in rich snippets because that generally means it’s at the top. Recipe structured data is pretty easy to implement, but it’s important to have strategy behind it. That’s where I come in. 

Featured snippets across Google see the majority of impressions and clicks from users who are looking for new recipes to cook. If you are trying to get in front of moms or families cooking meals, featured snippets are going to be really important! 

Schema Strategy

As one of the most important parts of your SEO strategy, we have the best keyword monitoring implementations in the industry.

Using a combination of state of the art tools and know-how from experts with over 30 years in the industry, we are able to optimize your keyword monitoring. 

Use Keyword Monitoring for Recipe SEO

I started working with this client in January 2019, and we started with several on-page and structural optimizations on their website. Once our SEO campaign kicked into gear, I worked with my team to install custom recipe schema across every recipe on the website. Can recipes increase my overall website traffic?

As you can see, once our structured data was recognized by Google, you can see how our impressions and clicks from rich results. 

After several months into July, we noticed a severe dip in our traction through structured data. I had my web developers take a look at the backend of the website and we noticed several discrepancies in the WordPress framework that stopped our rich snippets from displaying. Within 3 days, our team fixed the structured data issues on our WordPress installation and we were back seeing results across Google Search.

And looking at the graph, our results have been getting better and better every day, even into 2020! My team understands just how important recipe structured data is for winning CPG SEO

Keyword Monitoring