Search Engine Optimization for Non-Profit Organizations in 2020

end-to-end support for your organization

I have helped many non-profit groups find their way into building a digital presence and finding new audiences. With my multi-faceted experience in digital marketing, I can work with your internal team to start organizing your brands presence across social media and even Google Search.

Read some of my digital marketing case studies where I break down the technical work I do, and how it ends up boosting the efforts of my client’s organization.

SEO Strategies for Non-Profits

Non-profits often run into difficulty when it comes to learning about digital options and how to apply them to their organization. From web design to content creation, I can help your team find new audiences to target, while creating content that engages them and starts boosting your ranks on Google.


I have own website crawler that looks into the back end of your website to find technical problems that affect SEO.

Create Content

I can work with your team to discover potential topics for blog articles and SEO-focused content to increase organic.

Find New Audiences

Using analytics and Pixel implementations, I can create custom audiences for retargeting based on people who have already visited.

technical website optimizations

Non-profit organizations tend to have websites that are outdated or visually unappealing. Nowadays, it’s important for all organizations to have visually beautiful websites that explain your brand’s purpose, cause, and passion.

Whether you have a website that is on an old framework, or even an old WordPress website, my WordPress development services can help your team bring it on track and refresh the back-end. 

Monitor Your Website Effectiveness

Using tools likes Google Search Console and Google Analytics, you can monitor how users interact with your website as they are funneled by Google.

Becoming familiar with the search health of your website is an important part of increasing your effectiveness across organic Google Search.

Optimize for Keywords

If you have not already selected keywords that you’d like to focus on as your brand grows, I can work with your team to find high-intent keywords that are good at converting. 

Once we have figured out exactly which keywords you believe will be effective, I will work to optimize your website for those keywords to begin ranking. Whether you are searching for donors, volunteers, or organizations to partner with, I can help non-profit organizations with their digital marketing efforts. 

I will work directly with your team to write content that is direct and cohesive to the brand of your organization. 

Whether you are an organization dedicated to helping communities, the environment, or politics, I can develop unique content ideas that target niche pockets of keywords. 

Unique Content Will Win for Non-Profits

As there are many non-profits competing in the same spaces nationally, it’s important to create unique content that helps target niche keyword pockets.

From services pages to portfolio pages, I can create custom web pages that explain your brand to potential sponsor or partners. 

Update Meta Descriptions and Title Tags

Meta descriptions and title tags are what Google will pull in your search results. As you begin ranking for more keywords, your meta description will be your “hook” into bringing people to your page from Google.

writing effective content for non-profits

  1. Relevance & length of your content
  2. Title, meta, and heading tags
  3. User experience