SEO for Recipes

Recipes can help CPG grow.

In the past few years of helping CPG companies grow their organic presence, I have developed several SEO strategies around recipe content. Recipes are essential for increasing your brand’s reach across organic search, and rich results are the perfect way to do it. 

how SEO works for recipe content

Recipes are your gateway to new customer pockets. These potential customers will generally have low intent, but they are ready to spread your brand to people they love.

RECIPE Targeting

I help you figure out where your next customer is. Whether it’s a diet or a food group, I will connect you. 

RICH DATA Optimization

Code is how Google will work to best understand your page. We optimize rich data for the highest visibility.


Most people don’t care about heading tags. We use them to elevate above your competitors easily.

recipe targeting

As one of the most difficult steps to growing your organic, targeting is a key step in making sure you are focusing on people that will actual be potential customers.

It’s easy to find new recipes to target, but can you prove that is right demographic. I can work with you to understand what your target demo should look like, and how to analyze recipe sub types to seek them out. 

where are you ranking now?

CPG brands often skip over their organic ranks. It’s important to understand what content you are currently ranking for, to ensure you are targeting correctly. Don’t target a keyword you don’t rank for already or is not related to your brand.

Understand what is currently working, and how you can optimize there. 

Luckily, Google has given us many tools to help us better optimize and rank our recipes across Google. This helps you connect with new users who have never seen your brand, but are interested in recipes that align with it. 

Using Rich Data Markup

rich snippets for CPG seo

Rich structured data on your individual recipes will help them organically rank in rich snippets across Google, here’s what it looks like.

Using rich data, you can have Google display important information directly to users who are seeing it, including: cook time, reviews, ingredients, and even instructions. 

We recently did a case study on recipe structured data, and saw some serious traction. 

Heading Tags

Heading tags explain to Google how your page is organized. We can work with your team to figure out best practices in organizing heading tags and understanding how it will affect your page structure. 

how to optimize recipe content for SEO