Search Engine Optimization for Music Labels

grow your reach with SEO

Many music labels struggle with finding new artists or even organically growing the presence for their current artists.

I can make recommendations on the best ways to grow organic SEO and achieve yearly goals for streams, sales, and more.  

SEO Strategies for Music Labels

Music labels are great at curating design art and spaces for artists, but it can be hard for them to build up a digital presence that will naturally grow over time. 

Optimize your music

Art websites are not typically optimized for SEO, I can give you recommendations on how to boost organic ranks.

find new artists

In all mediums of video, images, and sound, there are ways to optimize your content to help Google find your audience.

Monitor User experience

With high quality content comes slow load times. I can help audit your website for load time and make sure it’s fast. 

building effective artist websites

Every artist website I have worked with has been poorly structured for SEO before I got my hands on it. Why is that? It’s because artists tend to focus on the aesthetic and usability of their website. As they make efforts 

Create a List of Keywords

Once we know what you’re business it ranking for, we can use that information to find out what to target. There will be keywords where you are ranks #10 and to #3. These keywords have a high potential of becoming keywords where we are position #1, and this is exactly what we want. The more position #1-#3 keywords we can get, the better off we will be in organic search.

Simple Keyword Monitoring

Included in my SEO services is keyword monitoring. Once we generate a list of keywords that we believe will be effective for growing your business online, I will constantly be tracking our performance for those keywords as we begin to improve your website and your overall digital presence. 

If you already have a website, I can help you analyze it and figure out exactly how you need to be moving forward to ensure you are staying search friendly. 

When it comes to website optimizations for artists, there are some key elements you want to be touching on. 

Optimize Your Digital Content

From pictures to videos to written text, you want to be optimizing all of the art you have on your website to SEO standards. This article explains exactly how to optimize art websites for SEO to allow Google to organically send people to your website. 

Update Tags Across Your Website

With so much content to categorize, art-centered websites can get lost in the organizational methods that Google tries to impose on all websites. Using tags across your content and pages is a way to avoid this. 

Alt Tags: These attach to your photos and videos to add some contextual information to Google as they index your pages.

Heading Tags: These tags create a hierarchical organization to the page; helps explain to Google which sections are more important

Title & Meta tags: These tags go directly onto your website pages to boost SEO. These code-based elements will be scanned by Google and assigned to your pages as you write them.

Analyze Your Website Page Speed

The loading speed of your pages is an important element of user experience. If your page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, there’s a chance that your users are just pressing the button to go back. 

on-page optimizations

  1. Relevance & length of your content
  2. Title, meta, alt, and heading tags
  3. User experience