The Importance of CPG SEO Post-Pandemic

I can’t even begin to count how many CPGs have reached out for help with SEO in the past two years since the pandemic.

When it began, many systems lost their business and struggled to keep up with the need for new technology. Since then, consumer markets have risen and expanded in many different ways.

With the use of home delivery, and curb side pickup, many apps and services integrate these features to bring ease to customers that want to stay contactless.

This has created some major difficulty, and points directly towards the importance of organic SEO.

Markets Fluctuations in 2020

During the market lulls of 2020, my smartest clients started over taking SEO real-estate that was essential to their growth. From CPGs to distributors, these clients spent hard earned cash directly on this evergreen marketing and now they are reaping the rewards.

Those who took advantage of the time when markets will low, know that these times have been great for scaling and finding new opportunities in your niche. If you can create effective SEO strategies that really nail your target audience, it will be difficult for your competitors to take that market share from you.

If you have a business in a small niche that you believe is easy to over take, reach out to me and I can do an analysis of your niche and give some direct feedback on how to take forward steps.

Structured Data & Schema Strategy

In 2022 and moving forward into 2023, schema will continue to become more and more important. I was writing about schema in 2019, encouraging it as a real strategy point for big traffic websites. Now could you guess what I’ve been mostly helping clients with?

Building schema strategy! It turns out building schema strategy is essential when your website has no where else to grow to with your content. Many large websites in small niches continue pumping out content about the same topics. Instead, they should put effort into finding the key pages that they’ve already created and put real steps into optimizing them.

How should I build a schema strategy? This is a question I get a lot, and often times the answer varies based on your niche. How-To schema is essential in building traffic and gaining impressions into brand awareness, but it’s not so great at converting customers. What’s your goal for the future, and how can you implement schema that is effective at working towards your goal?

So, how do I help? I can walk you through steps in building an effective schema strategy, as well as work directly with internal marketing to align future content and finding past content that can lead to big gains in SEO.

Build an SEO Strategy Today

Waiting to build your SEO strategy is never the move. If you need help taking steps, I will provide a free 30-minute SEO consultation where I will answer real questions and give you real answers for free. Many people who have reached out via email or phone are not my clients, but I help them in significant ways to improve their search visibility.




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