Why CPG Brands Should Avoid Using Shopify for SEO

Over this year I’ve worked with several consumer goods brands using Shopify, and I can tell you that it is usually a nightmare. Why is Shopify bad for CPGs? It really doesn’t have to do with Shopify itself being bad, but really about what CPGs need from their website nowadays. If you’re a CPG considering Shopify, […]

Optimizing your CPG SEO via Hubspot

Hubspot is a popular content management system for CPGs because it ties directly into many of the other tools on the platform. For building an effective CPG blog, it’s not so great. But with a little optimization you can see some traction and over time expand your growth. 1. Build Your Content Strategy It’s really […]

The Importance of CPG SEO Post-Pandemic

I can’t even begin to count how many CPGs have reached out for help with SEO in the past two years since the pandemic. When it began, many systems lost their business and struggled to keep up with the need for new technology. Since then, consumer markets have risen and expanded in many different ways. […]

4 Easiest Ways to Optimize for Recipe SEO in 2022

When it comes to recipe SEO, there is a lot of opportunities to improve the quality of your web pages, as well as adding custom functionality to boost the traffic coming to your recipes. In this article, I will review some of the most effective strategies I will use to optimize recipe content across Food […]

How To Kickstart your Weebly SEO in 2022

With 2021 coming closer and closer, I am getting more emails every day asking the best ways for people to start off their Weebly SEO. When it comes to Weebly, there isn’t a ton of information online on how to actually get ranks. Sure, you can do optimizations on your site and get backlinks, but […]

Can you get good SEO on Weebly?

I can’t even explain how many times I get this question. Why? It’s mostly because if you search “Weebly SEO”, I come up pretty close to the top. Generally speaking, yes, you can get some good SEO traction using a Weebly website and with the basic built-in tools, you can even get a strategy going. […]

5 Easy Tips to Increase Weebly SEO in 2022

Weebly is a great platform for building a website for your business or online store. Our internal team thinks that Weebly is a good place for most people who are new to websites to start. We recently created an in-depth review of Weebly and how effective it is for SEO, but in this article, we […]

How To Add Schema to Single Pages on a Wix Website

Wix is one of the world’s most popular website builders to date. Why is Wix so popular? Wix is a template-based website builder, and it’s trusted but over 100 million people as their website platform. From an easy design interface to simple integration for new functionality, Wix is a great choice for people who are […]

4 SEO Strategies for New CPG Brands

With years of experience helping consumer packaged goods launch into grocery stores and digital marketing spaces, I have watched the CPG marketing landscape change as the internet has grown. Traditional marketing is no longer the best strategy for CPG products, and large CPG brands are understanding more and more how essential the digital space is […]

5 Simple Wix SEO Tips for New Websites

Why Use Wix for your Website? Wix is one of the most user-friendly website builders out there. It makes it easy to set up your website, connect it to your domain, and get started with designing. Those are the essentials for any small or medium-sized business owner! So, what happens once your Wix site is […]