My SEO Process

With so many people around the world who offer search engine optimization services, it can be hard to know where to turn. Who are my services best for? My most effective campaigns have been for large consumer goods brands that are looking to build an efficient platform for organic traffic. 

Why do we focus on organic SEO? For large brands, it’s very easy to run ads across social and Google to bring people to your website. Over time, you want to bring traffic that doesn’t cost to upkeep, and that’s what we specialize in. Free traffic that grows over time.

Table of Contents

My Process for Search Engine Optimization

As an SEO, I have seen the industry shift heavily in favor of mobile web experience as I started working. I have implemented mobile-centric SEO strategies that have helped some of the world’s largest websites optimize their experience for their users. 

1. Research

Research is the most important part of SEO, and what makes me one of the best in the industry.

2. Strategy

Strategy involves taking what we learn in research to develop a plan with clear communication with my client. 

3. Implementation

Between myself and a team of web developers, we implement content and code to your website to optimize for search engines. 


Research regarding how your brand is searched is essential for all businesses. We do research on how people find your brand, what they are looking for, and what your competitors are doing.

Search Engine Analysis

We analyze the world’s most popular search engines for your brand and products to see how they display and who is displayed alongside. This will give us insight into opportunities that others may not be taking advantage of.

Competitor Breakdown

From your most painful competitors to the ones you don’t know about, we create extensive documentation on competitor keywords, strategy, and presence. From their website to social media, we breakdown what makes them effective and how we can pull ahead of them.

Keyword Analysis

Many brands are familiar with their primary keyword pockets and don’t do much work outside of finding new ones. We specialize in helping CPG brands find new and effective keyword niches that can grow their organic SEO in powerful ways. From finding growing trends to uncovering the best recipes for SEO, we have generated over 100,000 keywords for CPG brands all over the world. 

Strategy & Communication

One of our core values is transparent communication. This comes from building complete and cohesive strategies with the documentation to back them up and keep everyone on the same page. We explain why we construct our strategy, how implementation will work, and what we will need from your other channels to make it effective.

Keyword Targeting

As we find effective keywords for your brand, we work to align those keywords with the intent of those users. If your brand is wanting to focus on in-store sales, we focus on high-intent keywords that will bring users from organic search to your website. With a state of the art analytics tracking, we measure, monitor, and then optimize. 

On-page Content Strategy

For every SEO campaign, we spend time building an on-page content strategy to ensure the client and other agencies involved understand the work we are doing, and how it will take the efforts of all involved parties to make it work. From website content to social media content, we audit, optimize and work with your team to explain why these details are so important. 

Analytics Strategy & Optimization

Some of the largest brands in the world have terrible analytics. Before you make changes to your website like updating content or updating framework, it’s important to take time to optimize your analytics and understand the KPI’s you want to focus on as you start implementing. We work with brands to build goals, focuses, and keywords funnels for user experiences they want to focus on.

Implementation Strategy

Many agencies implement without measuring and understanding the full scope of their strategy. Before we do any work at all to change your website or social platforms, we build an implementation strategy to ensure we are updating your web apps intentionally. 


Once we have fully built out our strategy and communicated it with all parties involved, we begin building and changing your website to move towards the strategy we outlined. Whether we are targeting specific keyword pockets or increasing organic traffic to your website, we take a methodical and calculated approach when it comes to implementing 

Website Development

From custom React CMS websites to modern WordPress frameworks, we can build or update your website to create a refreshed and SEO-friendly experience. We have helped several CPG brands migrate from their legacy websites built in Drupal or Magento to modern frameworks that are compliant with the most recent regulations. 

Custom Apps & Landing Pages

We have worked with almost every web framework that is out there, and sometimes we find it’s easier to work around than it is to work within. We have an in-house team of web app developers that can build custom web apps in React Native to give you full functionality. This service extends into the realm of custom landing pages that can be used for ads, organic search, or social engagement.

Backlink Building & Public Relations

With experience doing traditional PR and relationship building, our digital public relations team will build new connections with organizations all over the world, and directly in your area. We use these relationships to build effective and long-lasting backlinks that are not paid in the traditional way. Through human experience and connectivity, we build strong and everlasting SEO campaigns. 


I built my first website when I was 16. I started learning what digital marketing was when I was 17. I met a career SEO and learned the essentials. Now I spread my knowledge and expertise to brands all over the world.

I don’t have a degree, and I most likely will avoid getting one for the rest of my life. I am incredibly good at what I do, and will not need a degree for marketing. Maybe for music.

Use the contact form on my website. You can send me a request with your domain and I will do a website audit and send you a document. Upon approval of the statement of work, we will be our analysis and strategy building process.

The best part of hiring an SEO consultant is that you don’t pay for the overhead of a full agency, but can expect agency-quality results. I charge per project or hourly depending on the scope of work and how many members in my team will be involved.