Search Engine Optimization for Wix Websites

Grow Traffic to your Wix Website

My team and I have what it takes to elevate your Wix website to the next level. This includes on-page optimizations, ideas for strategy and traffic, as well as paid ads. 

From small businesses to non-profits, we have worked with Wix in almost every industry. If you check out our Wix review, you’ll see that we like Wix and help customers all the time with building SEO for their Wix website. Let’s talk about how we do that!

Easy SEO Strategies for Wix

Wix comes packed full of some great SEO features, but you’ll need a team to help you if you want to scale your SEO into a primary traffic source for your website. Here are some strategies we take when optimizing your Wix website:


Many Wix websites do not have a cohesive keyword targeting strategy. We help you choose keywords, and build strategies to optimize. 

Optimize Your ON-PAGE Content

We analyze your website content and give you detailed suggestions on how you can optimize for Google search. 


When you have beautiful pictures and on-page animations on your website, it can create a slow experience and Google will penalize you. We can optimize. 

Target SEO Keywords on Wix

Targeting keywords is the most important step in focusing your SEO campaign. Regardless of what framework your website is built on, targeting keywords is essential to creating a cohesive SEO campaign that will generate results. 

The Best SEO Starts on Social 

One of the first SEO tips I give to Wix websites is to optimize their social media. Many businesses avoid posting regularly and the ones that do are not targeting hashtags effectively. As you generate a list of keywords you are focusing on, make sure you generate hashtags that feature those same keywords to slowly boost your search ranks. 

Simple Keyword Monitoring

Once we optimize your websites for the target keywords, we work with you or your internal marketing team to implement effective keyword monitoring strategies. Using tools like SEMRush and Moz, you can keep a close eye on the important keywords that you know will convert clicks into customers. 

We will track your website and see how it’s performing across Google search to come up with ideas on how we can increase your search ranks. 

There are some key elements of your website like the title tag and meta tag that a lot of websites skip over, or add something basic. Here are some tips on optimizing your Wix website for SEO:

Update your Meta and Title Tags

A lot of people will set up their Wix website with basic content in place for their meta and title tags. Wix allows you to add custom content to these fields to optimize for SEO, and it’s important to take advantage. 

For your heading tag, come up with something descriptive and focused on your target demographic. This should be straight forward and also include the city or state you do business. 

Moving further, you should create persuasive services pages on your website that makes sense and will convince people to visit your website more or convert. 

Optimize your Wix On-page SEO

  1. Relevance & length of your content
  2. Title, meta, and heading tags
  3. User experience