SEO for YouTube Content Creators

Optimize Your YouTube SEO

With years of experience working with YouTube content creators, we understand how the landscape is always shifting and you need to be shifting with it. Whether it’s content optimizations or helping you build a strategy to grow your SEO, we can help. 

how SEO works for YouTube Content Creators

YouTube can be a complicated beast, but is essential for online content creators. From connecting you to new audiences, to monthly payments, YouTube is value-driven.


From video titles to SEO-friendly descriptions, we can fully optimize your entire YouTube channel.


YouTube SEO is best done with a precise list of targeted keywords. We help you choose, and then optimize. 


YouTube should not be the final destination. We help you build a website, push users, and grow your platform.

Optimizing YouTube videos for SEO

For most YouTubers, they learn pretty early that if they optimize their content for SEO, they will be rewarded.

When you see videos with thousands of views but very few subscribers on their channel, you know they succeeded with their YouTube SEO.

Often times on YouTube, trends take over and are what fuel the search engine. Our team can help you find and create strategy for specific trends we see before they take off. In tandem with your internal research team, you will find that we can essentially see into the future.

How do you increase video views on YouTube?

Obviously, this will vary per channel, but really our strategy for increasing your views with optimizations comes down to this: 

  1. Find keyword pockets that you video targets and is ranking for
  2. Create a content strategy or optimization strategy inside of those keyword pockets
  3. Create content elsewhere that ties directly to the content being made on Youtube

With these three elements, you can easily take over low volume keyword pockets on YouTube. When it comes to more popular terms, the more time, the better you will do.

When it comes to YouTube, keywords are something that a lot of agencies avoid talking about. 

Sure, it doesn’t work the same as Google, but keywords are an integral part to how YouTube pushes users around to new content.

In my agency, we use a term to describe YouTube channels much like domain authority, and we call this channel authority. This is the idea that over time as you upload videos to your channel, it begins building authority for your content, meaning as your continue to post you generally get good rankings.

Compared to an account with no authority, you will see your videos perform well. We help YouTube content creators understand the authority and power of their channel to optimize their content for what is proven to work.

How do I target Keywords on YouTube?

By combining keyword targeting strategies that are proven to work, with creative and never tested methods, we build some of the best YouTube SEO campaigns to date.

By creating a cohesive strategy that spans across your website and other social platforms, you can build your domain authority and your channel authority using effective keyword targeting on YouTube. Targeting keywords starts with writing effective articles, connecting your video content to those articles, and implementing structured data. 

Keyword Targeting for YouTube Content

When it comes to monetizing your YouTube content, click funnels and user experience are very essential to getting your viewers to convert. Since Google has shifted the amount of money content creators can make through ads and the YouTube Creators program, it is very difficult to make a living just off of using platforms like YouTube.

Since these changes, many people have been switching to platforms like Patreon to help supplement their income with help from supporters.

Is Patreon a good option for YouTube creators?

I think Patreon is great for YouTubers, but it can act as a crutch. If you are a YouTube content creator, you should be building your own web platforms to funnel users to from YouTube. This can include but not be limited to a blog, how-to or tutorial website, or a personal / branded website. 

Building a Website for your YouTube Channel

As you grow your YouTube channel, you will want to build a website just for that channel. 

You can push people from your YouTube content to your website, and this is great for building your domain authority over time. Your domain authority lasts forever, whereas Patreon supporters do not. 

How do you make money from your YouTube website? You can point people to your website, and display advertisements or affiliate links to generate income. This is a great way to make money and sustain your content creation. Once you start generating organic traffic to your website, your content will simple be a supplement, and you can focus on building your platform up and increasing traffic.

So, What is a YouTube Click Funnel?

This concept essentially describes the process of moving users from YouTube, to external platforms. Whether this is to your social media where there is a call to action, or directly to your website, it’s important to think about your click funnels and simple ways you can optimize them.

I have helped many brands optimize and build click funnels through their YouTube channel. Whether you are a big brand just getting into YouTube, or a content creator with thousands of videos, I can give you suggestions and implementations that will boost your traffic into the decades. 

Click Funnels For YouTube