How To Install Google Tag Manager on Weebly in 2020

weebly and google tag manager

In 2020, it’s never been more important for website owners to understand and utilize Google tracking tools. On any Weebly website, we think that all website owners should always install both Google Analytics and Google Search Console to their website to consistently measure and monitor their website traffic. Google Tag Manager is a great way […]

Top 5 Best SEO Ranking Tools for 2020

5. Yoast With so many websites in WordPress nowadays, Yoast has become an essential tool for any SEO working on ranking their website across Google search. What makes Yoast so great, and why do so many people use it?  Yoast does a great job of touching all of the key parts of your website SEO. […]

Why You Should Set Up Your Website for SEO

Why Does SEO Matter? SEO is the primary way new users will find your content through Google search.  It is a free and organic way to connect your brand to people that are interested in purchasing or using your services. SEO can apply to any search engine and is essential for international and national brands […]

4 Strategies for Releasing Music Independently

When it comes to releasing music independently, it can be hard to know if it’s working and if your music is getting out there. Using platforms like SoundCloud and Bandcamp are awesome because they offer search engines to help new users find your music. These platforms also offer a place for you to upload and […]

How to Keep Your #1 Rank on Google

One of the hardest things to do with your website is to rank #1 for high-intent queries that bring potential customers to your website. If you can set up a base for your website so you are ranking #1 locally for important keywords, you can sustain an entire business from this. One of my clients […]

How To Rank Your Website for More Keywords

As you create content on your website, you will begin to organically rank for keywords that are created from the content you have written. By reading the HTML code of your website pages, Google can use this content to rank your website for keywords that are semantically related. Continuing to create content for your website […]

How To Create SEO-Friendly Website Content

Writing content that ranks your website well can be difficult. It is a combination of knowing how to structure content before you begin writing, and the small things to look out for throughout the whole writing process. Inside of every industry, there are fundamentally different types of SEO content. Every key page of your website […]

Anatomy of a SERP Page

Search Engine Result Pages, also called SERPs, are a key part of the Google SEO system. The SERP, is the actual page where your website result is listed. On that same SERP, you will be competing against similar results for higher positions on the page. This is what drives competition in Search Engine Optimization. First […]

Ranking In The Google Map Pack

The Map Pack is one of the most essential tools Google has created for local businesses. This section has links that lead directly to the Maps portion of Google, where local businesses are ranked according to the relevance of the keywords mentioned. Why is the Map Pack Important? The Map Pack is the best way […]