Why You Should Set Up Your Website for SEO

Why Does SEO Matter?

SEO is the primary way new users will find your content through Google search.  It is a free and organic way to connect your brand to people that are interested in purchasing or using your services. SEO can apply to any search engine and is essential for international and national brands alike.

What Does It Look Like?

Google and other search engines will look at specific pieces of your page to understand how they are relevant to users they might show it to. Information like page title, the meta description, and heading tags will directly inform search engines as to what your web page is about.

Optimizing for heading tags and titles tags is one of the first steps I walk any client through, and I am fully transparent about the process.

Updating Title, Meta, and Heading Tags

This process starts with picking and choosing keywords that align with your target audience. Many brands struggle with understanding their important demographics and then choosing keywords that perfectly target them.

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