SEO for Independent Musicians

Take Control of Your Music SEO

With years of experience working with independent musicians, I understand how difficult it can be to work and survive as an artist today. From optimizing your website for search, to building marketing plans and campaigns around your music, our team can be your one-stop digital team like a label. 

how SEO works for Independent Musicians

Music SEO has many elements, but in this article I attempt to boil the system down to everything you need and nothing that you don’t. 


When someone Googles your name, you and your music need to be #1.
Let’s go.


The Google KG helps users who are looking for you or your music easily find it. We can optimize this. 


Your music should be found and available on all platforms. We monitor, test, and manage your music SEO.

Own Your Music Artist Name

With so many musicians competiting for the same spaces, it can be hard to see your name as #1 when it’s searched. We help independent artists as well as music labels control their artists SEO that other people can’t take the space over.

How do you rank #1 on Google for your artist name?

This comes from one of two things. First, you will want to make sure your Google knowledge graph is working and displaying across search. Next, you want to ensure you have a website, and it’s displaying for the keywords that are most important.

If you have a very unique name, there is a chance that you easily rank #1 for these keywords. That’s a good place to be, but there are still some more things you can do to improve your artist SEO. Let’s talk about the Knowledge graph.

What is the Google Knowledge graph?  The Google KG is essentially Google’s ways of displaying easy to understand and contextual information. This makes it easy for us to get information quickly on the front-face of Google without having to click into URL’s.

How Musicians can Use their Google Knowledge Graph

For different types of “important people” there are knowledge graphs that relate. Like for artists like Madonna, although Madonna is a musician, she is also a celebrity. Here is her knowledge graph:

You can see in addition to her knowledge graph information on the right side, she also has news rich snippets that display. This is because there are many news outlets using AMP on articles about her.

In addition to news articles, artists can have videos, FAQ, and more information display on Google search. 

We help independent artists build structure data campaigns that help them generate results like this on Google organic search.

Optimize Your Google Knowledge Graph

When people search your music, they should be able to find it. If you have other artists with similar names to yours, it can be hard to not get lost in the mix of monikers.

We can help you build a strategy around standing out on music search engines, or to even optimize your platform to create your own space so nobody is encroaching.

Between complex keyword targeting strategies and helping to manage and monitor your music SEO, our team can handle it all.

How can I do SEO for my music? This is something we get a lot, and it generally comes down to building an effective website and optimizing your artist name across all platforms. Some artists use different names on accident, even when it comes to small punctuation this can affect your traction. 

Measure & Monitor Your Keywords

We can choose specific music search engines and monitor your keyword targeting across those platforms. Along with search engines, we want to optimize your music SEO on Google. 

With high-end analysis tools, we can monitor and manage almost every web page that references your name. We can do back linking to help you generate more domain authority for your music website.

SEO For Your Music