SEO for Recipes

We grow organic recipe traffic.

In the past few years of helping food blogs and consumer good brands grow their organic presence, we have developed many SEO strategies around recipe content that are some of the most effective in the industry. Recipes are essential for increasing your brand’s reach across organic search, and rich results are the perfect way to do it. 

Recipe SEO Services

Our team of web developers and search experts have compiled what we find to be the most effective services we can provide you. At any time, we will diverge from these services and offer you any service or product that we can develop and build together. This is for you.

RECIPE Targeting

We build strategies for finding new users that will want to stay with your brand in the long run.

RICH DATA Optimization

We audit your schema to then optimize and build schema strategy around your successful recipes.


We build strategy around your heading tags to improve on-page SEO.

Website Speed

Speed keeps your users engaged and  results populating on Google search. We monitor and optimize.

Competitor Analysis

Each keyword pocket has a special place in our hearts, and we want to make sure we own the ones that we should.

Tracking & Analytics

We build weekly & monthly reports that give you insight into our work, progress, and overall traction.

1. recipe targeting

When it comes to recipe SEO, most food websites focus on recipes they know or recipes they think they can easily copy. It goes deeper than that when you’re trying to build a brand.

We work closely with chefs and focus groups to break down your target demographic, and serve recipes that will result in a life-long customer. How does recipe targeting work?

Examples of Recipe Targeting

For the brand SweetLeaf, I worked with my team to build an SEO strategy that would effectively increase their traffic from keyword pockets that relate directly to their CPG brand

SweetLeaf is a Stevia-based sweetener, and we wanted to start targeting users who were focused in more health-specific pockets. That led me to the “keto” keyword pocket.

Within a month of strategy building and implementation, I took the SweetLeaf domain from 9 keywords that had “keto” to almost 2,000 keto related keywords.  

Understanding your Current Keywords

Many food websites skip over their organic ranks. It’s important to understand what content you are currently ranking for, to ensure you are targeting correctly. 

How can I see if my recipe SEO is good? Most food websites have an understanding for how effective their recipe SEO is, and there are some key elements to analyzing your SEO.

  1. Analyze keywords
  2. Monitor search impressions and clicks in GSC
  3. Watch for rich snippest & structured data 

Recipe Targeting Pricing

2. rich data &
on-page SEO

Luckily, Google has given us many tools to help us better optimize and rank our recipes across Google. This helps you connect with new users who have never seen your brand, but are interested in recipes that align with it. How can I generate rich snippets for my recipes? 

We Can Build Your Rich Data

rich snippets for CPG seo

Rich structured data on your individual recipes will help them organically rank in rich snippets across Google, here’s what it looks like:

How can I get more organic traffic to my recipe pages?

Using rich data, you can have Google display important information directly to users who are seeing it, including: cook time, reviews, ingredients, and even instructions.

We recently did a case study on recipe structured data, and saw some serious traction using structured data. We continue to work with this brand to build more and more strategies that are increasing their domain authority and overall traffic coming to the website.

Rich data is not as easy as building the code and adding it to your page, and many food websites do this only. It’s important to build a strategy around your rich data that involves analyzing performance, and watching for KPI’s that will signal optimizations.

We specialize in building rich data strategies that target specific keyword pockets and demographics to improve the user retention coming from your recipes.

Optimize Your Recipe Heading Tags

Heading tags explain to Google how your page is organized. We can work with your team to figure out best practices in organizing heading tags and understanding how it will affect your page structure. 

Do the heading tags on my recipe pages matter? Yes. This is one of the first things we help many food blogs optimize on their website. When it comes to food blog SEO, and recipe SEO in general, heading tags and structured data are some of the best tools.

We use an internal software to categorize and measure each title tag on your website. This helps us make sure we are not overlapping pages as well as pushing each page to it’s fullest potential using it’s key SEO elements. 

On-page SEO Pricing

recipe SEO case study

With years of experience building complex SEO strategies, once structured data started hitting the surface of Google search, our team jumped right on it. Since the introduction of rich snippets to search, we have been working with clients to target every spot in the Google knowledge graph. 

How Recipe SEO Wins

I started working with this client in January 2019, and we started with several on-page and structural optimizations on their website. Once our SEO campaign kicked into gear, I worked with my team to install custom recipe schema across every recipe on the website. As you can see, once our structured data was recognized by Google, you can see how our impressions and clicks from rich results. 

After several months into July, we noticed a severe dip in our traction through structured data. I had my web developers take a look at the backend of the website and we noticed several discrepancies in the WordPress framework that stopped our rich snippets from displaying. Within 3 days, our team fixed the structured data issues on our WordPress installation and we were back seeing results across Google Search.

Looking at the graph, our results have been getting better and better every day, even into 2020! My team understands just how important recipe structured data is for winning CPG SEO.

3. page speed for recipe websites

With hundreds of recipe websites under my belt, I’ve seen page speed impact current SEO rankings the most. How can page speed affect your SEO?

One of Google’s primary factors for ranking pages and displaying them across Recipe rich results is the speed of the page. From image size to scripts blocking your rend, there are many factors that could be affecting your page speed.

Most of the time, I would recommend working directly with your developers to manage the speed of your website.

Often times my clients will continue working with the same web developers when they begin working with me, and that’s perfectly fine! A lot of my work is then to liason between the client and developers to implement SEO solutions that work!

How We Optimize For Page Speed

We treat page speed as a weekly and monthly metric to continually be optimizing user experience on your website. We believe that your pages can never be fast enough, and we work directly with top-tier analysts to develop new and cutting-edge ways to decrease the load time of your website. 

Even if you already have developers or even have an SEO team, we can work as a support system to provide in-depth reporting on a weekly or a monthly basis. 

Page Speed SEO Pricing

4. competitor analysis for recipes

In the food categories of health, fitness, desserts, and more, I understand what it takes to find your competitors and analyze them for various reasons.

When a food brand comes to me for a competitor audit, they are generally looking for information on what they could be doing better, or how their competitor is beating them. So, how do you find your competitors recipe strategies?

First, you have to work backwards. Using tools like SEMRush or Moz, you can look at historical data that gives you insight into how your competitor started off in the first place.

When it comes to recipes, you’ll see the biggest recipe brands always found a niche to work from, and started growing from there. 

Competitor Analysis Pricing

hire us for Recipe SEO!

With millions of impressions and clicks generated from our Recipe SEO strategies, we want to talk with your brand and see how we could help!

We have so many articles on this website that will help you start understand the worlds of recipe SEO and SEO in general, but it’s always best to have a helping hand. For most brands, we offer a free 30-min consultation where we can talk through your current strategy, and give you some suggestions on how to move from there.