4 Pinterest SEO Tips for Recipes in 2020

Pinterest is becoming more and more popular for CPG brands who are trying to enhance their search presence across the internet.

Why is Pinterest a good platform for SEO? Pinterest allows you to display a lot of information that can generate keywords across the search. In this article, we talk about easy ways to optimize your Pinterest content for SEO.

Before we get into some of the key features of good Pinterest SEO, I want to show you pictures of what good SEO, and bad SEO, might look like. This will help you compare it to your own content!

example of bad pinterest seo
example of bad Pinterest SEO
example of okay pinterest seo
example of okay Pinterest SEO
example of great pinterest seo
example of great Pinterest SEO

If you analyze these Pinterest recipe posts, you will see that the most effective Pinterest posts have the following items:

  • Optimized post titles
  • Ingredients listed
  • Descriptive post text
  • Add cook time & serving sizes
  • Use relevant hashtags

Build a Pinterest Keyword Strategy

Before you start optimizing your Pinterest content for SEO, it’s important to move forward with a keyword strategy in mind.

How do you build a keyword strategy for Pinterest? A lot of people don’t consider Pinterest keywords important, but these keywords will work to boost your website in organic ranks as well as generate traffic from the Pinterest search engine. Here is our strategy for building a keyword list for Pinterest:

  1. Use target keywords from your website keyword strategy
  2. Search high intent keywords on Pinterest to see what comes up
  3. Create a list of 10 high volume keywords, and a list of 30 long-tail keywords

Optimize Your Post Titles

The title of your Pinterest posts is one of the most important ways to rank well across the Pinterest search engine and Google search.

Now that you have your keyword list, you are prepared to move through your website and update on-page content to reflect your new keywords.

Does updating Pinterest content help SEO? Yes! It can be beneficial to update some of your old content with new titles and post descriptions to get more clicks. I recommend starting with posts that have already seen success, or fit in a niche where you could pull a lot of traffic!

When you update your Pinterest post titles, you want to make sure you are making it easy to understand what you’re presenting. If it’s a recipe, clearly display the recipe name at the front. Sometimes, you can use an adjective to describe your recipe, whether it’s easy or flavorful. We believe that adding adjectives to your Pinterest post titles can be a good way to pull in more traffic.

Add Rich Data to your Pinterest Recipes

Many of my clients ask me, how do you add ingredients and serving sizes to my recipes on Pinterest? Using recipe structured data, you can add ingredients and serving sizes to your Pinterest pins.

This uses a custom Schema.org website markup to explain to Pinterest exactly how your pages are structured. We help websites install structured data to their websites to effectively gain traction across Pinterest and Google search. Contact us today if you want a quote for installing structured data!

Descriptive Post Text

As a final part of optimizing your Pinterest content for SEO, it’s important to have an effective description text that will pull users into click through to your website.

One of the best parts of Pinterest is that it encourages users to visit your website instead of staying on their social media. For CPG SEO, this is a great way to utilize a user channel to generate keywords.

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