Can you get good SEO on Weebly?

I can’t even explain how many times I get this question. Why? It’s mostly because if you search “Weebly SEO”, I come up pretty close to the top.

Generally speaking, yes, you can get some good SEO traction using a Weebly website and with the basic built-in tools, you can even get a strategy going.

Many of my clients come to me with Weebly websites needing to improve search visibility. But is SEO even possible on Weebly? In this article, I’m gonna dive in a bit.

Build an Effective Content Strategy

I go on and on about this to my clients, but it’s so true. One of my clients gets over 200 clicks a day to her Weebly website from a combination of organic Google search as well as social media. This is great, but how did she get here? At the same time, I have a client who gets only a couple of clicks a day to their Weebly website. So, what’s the difference?

It’s all about their content strategy. My client with great traffic has spent lots of time organizing her articles out and planning them ahead of time. This helps her be consistent when writing new content, and always coming up with new ideas. It’s easy to get stuck in a trap of writing terrible website content, especially when you think it’s working.

 I mean, thHow do I know if my website content is working?is is my job, but I’ll tell you anyway. The best way is to use tools like Google search console or SEMrush. The search console will give you real-time feedback on if the content is working, and if Google has even indexed it yet.

Once you have content, something needs to happen to it, right? How will people just come to my website? Well that’s the next key to building effective SEO on Weebly, is keyword targeting.

Keyword Targeting

I have tons of articles about Keyword targeting, and it’s just really a core part of SEO and building good website content in general. Here are some simple steps for some easy keyword targeting on Weebly:

  1. Figure out what people would search to find you
  2. Search those words in Google, and find your competitors
  3. Create a list of keywords, and separate in tiers based on relevance to your brand
  4. Make sure you have articles for each keyword in tier 1, and then keep working down!

This is a simple and straightforward strategy to start building content around your brand. If you’re a craftsperson who’s using Weebly, be sure to create articles on topics that are trending and relevant to your audience on social media. If you’re selling crafts, it’s key to use platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to build more traction and clicks to your content.

So what’s Weebly’s Limit?

In my opinion, Weebly’s limit is with rich data. It’s quite difficult to build structured data into Weebly, and their support team will tell you it’s built-in already. I can tell you that it’s not. Even when using Weebly product data, many of the structured data fields populate, but it’s usually not enough and you have to do some by hand. This generally requires a Weebly developer or SEO consultant for assistance.

This doesn’t make Weebly bad, but it makes it difficult to scale beyond a couple of hundred clicks a day. If you’re aiming for thousands, you might want to use another platform, but to start off, Weebly is a great choice.

Okay, what’s the point?

Weebly isn’t as bad at SEO as most people think, and it’s definitely not as good as the internal Weebly team might say. See, I’m not trying to sell you Weebly, nor do I even care if you hire me. Just understand that the quality of your platform matters less than the quality of your content and your strategy. Once you get traffic flowing, it’s easy to upgrade to a better platform. But it would be a giant waste of money to get set up on a nice platform and then not make anything, as many people do.

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