How CPG Brands Should Use Google Ads

Many of my competitors are scared to write about many of the things I write about because it would be considered giving away secrets. I’m not really scared about doing that.

Here are the best 4 ways that CPG brands can use Google Ads to grow their presence:

  • Shopping Ads
  • Brand Awareness Ads
  • Niche Audience Targeting
  • Retargeting

Here are examples of each type of Google ad, and what they look like:

Google Shopping Ads Google Search Ad Google Display Network
google search ad marketing google display network example

Google Shopping Ads for CPG

Google Shopping is an essential part of marketing for an e-commerce brand. Granted, not all CPG brands use e-commerce or even sell direct to consumers for that matter, but it’s still important to understand how Google Shopping plays into the industry.

Setting Up Google Shopping for your Website

Every website has a different method of connecting directly to the Google merchant center. Shopify, for example, has a pretty easy connection, and even manages and a lot of your product schema for you.

For WordPress, you can use WooCommerce plugins to help you connect directly to Google Shopping and Facebook Shopping, but it may require a developer to really fine-tune your shopping ads.

Why should you use Google Shopping?

Google Shopping ads place above normal organic results. When a search query triggers shopping results, there are rich results that display at the top of the page, and they push both map results and organic results further down the page.

This makes it pretty difficult to see organic traction from high intent keywords for your industry, and shopping ads can move you to the top in no time. From my work with Dickey’s, we saw incredible traction in using Google shopping ads.

Within two weeks, we saw our ads placing for the terms “barbecue sauce” and “rib rub”. After about a month, we were even displaying on the front page. This was incredible for a brand that was new to the market trying to sell a product.

Brand Awareness Ads for CPG Brands

These types of ads are generally under-used by CPG brands as they try to focus more on conversions. Brand awareness ads across the Google Display network can show effective results for bringing new users to your website.

Create Effective Landing Pages

Google Search Ads will be the most effective for monitoring the ROI of your brand awareness efforts. You can create A/B testing strategies, as well as create a unique landing page just for users who are coming to your website through Google search.

Targeting Niche Audiences in CPG

As you grow your brand, you will find more and more niche audiences that can help you learn more about your product. Niche audiences can give you insight into new ways to use your product or new demographics that you haven’t realized or focused on.

Using search ads, you can curate specific ads for niche audiences, and use keyword targeting to ensure it’s hitting those people. We work with national CPG brands to develop ad campaign strategies across Google display and Google shopping that focuses on niche audiences. We can find new niche audiences, as well as grow your presence inside of current audiences you are aware of.

Retargeting Your Audience In-Store & On-Premise

Many CPG brands don’t know of the many options for retargeting their audience digitally.

Using tools like Google Remarketing we can focus on specific users that have already been to your website or seen your business across the search.

As marketing evolves, I expect remarketing to become more and more involved, and our team is ready for the next waves in retargeting across in-store and on-premise.

Hire Me for CPG Marketing

With hundreds of brands under my belt, I can consult your business and give you suggestions on how to grow your presence digitally. Using organic and paid search, we can develop complex strategies that point users directly where you want them to go.

Look at my CPG Portfolio to get a look into my previous work.

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