How To Use The Events Calendar with Elementor on WordPress

The Events Calendar is one of the most popular and widely used event calendar plugins on WordPress. When I first became familiar with the plugin about 2 years ago, it was on a website that was coming under my control from a new client.

Initially, I didn’t really see the value in the plugin. But over time, I got used to its flexibility and start taking advantage of functionalities inside of that plugin. That is what has led me here!

Elementor Breaks The Events Calendar Plugin

Right out of the box, Elementor Pro will break the events calendar plugin. Once you install the plugin and start adding events to the system, you will see the events displayed on the URL /events.

If you are using a standard WordPress theme from the repo, you will probably not have any problems with The Events Calendar plugin. If you are using Hello By Elementor, there is a chance that The Events Calendar plugin will not work.

Taking a look at this screenshot, you will see the error that the Elementor Theme Builder system creates when trying to load the Event Calendar plugin:

fix the events calendar plugin on elementor

How To Fix Events Calendar on Elementor

How do you fix this problem? You have to use Events Calendar Pro! Although this is a bad workaround because it costs money, I realized that using The Events Calendar Shortcodes you can forcible display the plugin on Elementor Pages. Now it works!

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