Using Your Instagram Bio Link for SEO

Many people underestimate how powerful Instagram can be for SEO. As social media grows and grows, more websites crawl social media platforms for keywords and hashtags and repost the content on their own websites. From hashtags to location tags, you can use Instagram to grow SEO for your website.

Optimize Your Instagram Profile for SEO

There are several elements included in your Instagram profile that you can optimize for SEO. Here are some steps for optimizing your profile for search rankings:

  1. Make sure your profile is public
  2. Add your focus keyword in your @, and your display name.
  3. Add more keywords to your bio
  4. Register for Instagram Business and connect to Facebook

Find and Target New Keywords

Although Instagram is centered around images, they take advantage of specific text elements to generate ways to categorize the content.

You can use hashtags to assign relevant terms to your uploads and your profile, and these can work to generate keywords for your brand across Google search.

Here are the three best tools in Instagram for SEO:

  1. Hashtags
  2. Caption Text
  3. Location Data


Hashtags on Instagram are a great way to start ranking for new keywords or even work to further target your current keyword group.

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