Optimizing your CPG SEO via Hubspot

Hubspot is a popular content management system for CPGs because it ties directly into many of the other tools on the platform.

For building an effective CPG blog, it’s not so great. But with a little optimization you can see some traction and over time expand your growth.

1. Build Your Content Strategy

It’s really easy on a Platform like Hubspot to just throw content up and hope it sticks. Sadly this is no longer the case with Google, and often times you will see Google even remove content from search if it looks spammy or your website is spamming articles.

It’s important to have consistent content, but equally important to maintain a level of quality that will keep your website productive in Google search.

This involves building a content strategy that will keep your writers focused and your SEO growth on the trend up.

2.  Use Structed Data on your Articles

Structured data is essential in getting search engines to understand the special content on your page. Even if your page is just an article, structured data can help Google index and serve your content better in general search.

With most of my clients, I create custom structured data strategies that I implement directly with my team. This allows us to use featured content as a tool to build high intent audience, and start converting sales.

You can create your own schema, but I recommend hiring a schema specialist who can help target that content effectively.


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