BigCommerce Review

With a tagline “The Future of Commerce is Yours”, BigCommerce is undoubtedly a great platform to develop a professional e-commerce store.

The privately held technology company provides SaaS e-commerce solutions. It first made its appearance in 2009 and has 600+ employees at the moment. The company has separate departments and sections to help every business (from small to large scale) actually sell online. This BigCommerce review is made by professional web developers who have worked directly on the platform and are able to give insight into using the platform for e-commerce.

BigCommerce was once a little known platform for e-commerce, but over time they have invested in major development to their platform. Since then, they have become a product that is responsible for million-dollar fortunes.

Benefits of using BigCommerce for E-commerce

Because BigCommerce is geared towards larger businesses, many of my clients come to me with questions regarding how effective this platform is for e-commerce. My team and I have compiled some of our top selling points for BigCommerce, and why we choose to use it for select clients.

Easy To Manage Your Store

As the owner of an online store, your first priority should be managing and organizing your store to ensure you are tracking sales, analytics, and capital as it flows through your business.

BigCommerce makes managing your store easy and integrating essential people to your business is always a step away. From your bookkeeper to social media manager, there are tools for every member available in BigCommerce.

BigCommerce Integrated Payment Gateways

BigCommerce makes it easy to integrate new payment gateways and send money directly to your bank account from your e-commerce store. Your customers can pay via:

  • PayPal
  • Paycheque
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Apple Pay
  • Amazon pay
  • Chase Pay
  • Credit cards
  • Square
  • Stripe
  • Adyen
  • Worldpay

All these payment gateways are what a customer sees during a visit to the checkout page. This variety of payment gateways is a nice step towards customers’ comfort; they can pay via any method that is easy for them at the moment. Easy payment processing!

Multi-Currency Management for International Sales

Although this feature is in BETA mode, the central idea of the multi-currency feature is impressive. It’s certainly not the perfect algorithm but you can easily customize common currencies like USD, UK pounds, and other top currencies.

BigCommerce’s multi-currency is more managed as you can set prices for every product against each currency. This way, the currency random fluctuation can’t have negative aspects of your sales and profits.

Finely Crafted APIs

BigCommerce, being an industry leader has really put together the best of its developers’ efforts to come up with APIs that are compatible with top-notch online platforms.

When these APIs work, you can integrate with third parties to have features that are not available with the default BigCommerce dashboard. BigCommerce API’s  can help you and your developers connect to new functionality!


BigCommerce has got a couple of great themes to offer. We have about 12 free and around 100 paid themes to make a pick. To find the theme that is right for your business, you can use filters at the themes marketplace. Just specify your product industry, color schemes, and other additional features to find themes that are right for you. Pick one, and start customizing!

Easy Shipping

With easy product management, BigCommerce offers easy shipping from start to finish. With a recent update, BigCommerce has started offering all-in-one service for industry leaders including special discounts with DHL, USPS, and FedEx. The dashboard offers easy shipping at their real ends.
With these features on hand, you can keep your customers happy with shipment tracking, next day deliveries, and make your store operations go on automation.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Maybe this is as important as an SSL certificate can be as it creates more conversions like a security certified website offers.

With this feature, whenever a customer enters their email and then abandons the products right in the shopping cart without proceeding the payment, an automated email asking them to proceed with the checkout is sent.

You can also customize the emails and notifications that are sent automatically to the customers who stopped for abandoned cart recovery.

Customer Support

What if your store is good at design and functionality ends and you have no support for any issues that come across?
BigCommerce has got a technical support team to help you with any issues about your online store. The support is partitioned into a number of sections/departments including developers, consultants, designers, etc. This way, your queries are submitted to the right team and solved instantly.


BigCommerce calls ‘security and scalability’ one of their core features, as they have best-in-class uptime, protection, and performance from start to finish!

BigCommerce hosting providers have additional layers of security, blazing fast speed, and unparalleled bandwidth. With these excellent features, you can run highly converting (viral) ad campaigns with no issues about bandwidth; the BigCommerce is right there to manage every user with an easy interface.

Here is an overview of its security support:

      • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 & PCI DSS 3.2, LEVEL 1 certified security
      • It offers 20% faster server response than other eCommerce solutions
      • Statistics confirm 99.99% median uptime for every store that is hosted with BigCommerce.

Downsides of Using BigCommerce for Your Online Store

Here are the top reasons we have seen people avoid using BigCommerce:

      1. Requires a lot of custom development
      2. Too expensive for smaller sized stores
      3. Larger stores require a team to manage the backend

Should I Use BigCommerce for my E-Commerce Store?

If you are a large business thinking about upgrading your current e-commerce store, our team recommends BigCommerce as a way to more effectively manage your customers and orders.

If you are new to starting an e-commerce store, BigCommerce may be biting off more than you can chew, and we would recommend starting on a platform that is easier and costs less to start.

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