SEO for Online Newspapers

Optimize SEO for your Digital Newspaper

With so much shifting in the news and online news worlds, it’s important to take full control of your organization’s SEO. If you manage an online publication, you probably know how important SEO is to finding people who care about your content. Through proven SEO strategies, we help you build a campaign that will increase your traffic.

How SEO Works for Online Newspapers

Digital print organizations usually need structure and advice when it comes to best SEO practices. Through documentation and clear communication, I help optimize your newspaper SEO.


If you know digital print SEO, you know what AMP is. We help you integrate AMP, and optimize for AMP SEO.

oN-pAGE seo

We help you and your writers understand key SEO fundamentals to make the process smooth.


We strategize and implement structured data on your pages to increase traffic over 100%.

AMP Optimization

AMP is a web component framework that makes it easy for both developers and Google search engine to create user friendly content that has a perfect mobile experience. 

If you have been a part of digital marketing for any newspaper or digital publication, you should know that AMP is essential to how news is displayed across search engines. 

If you go to Google News, most of the content you will see there is AMP. That means that publications have to use this new method of displaying content across search engines to even get users clicking.

How can I optimize AMP content for SEO? Although most AMP content is inherently user friendly, we can ensure that you content is friendly for search engines as well. This comes down to keyword targeting, and understand keyword pockets in the mind of users who are doing searches. 

As you begin moving through your SEO strategy, it will be important that everyone on your team know exactly what keywords you are trying to work towards. 

Sure, you don’t want keywords biasing any content that is created for your website, but you will want to keep your editors and content specialists aware of any keyword pockets you want to focus on.

Keyword Targeting for On-Page SEO

How do I know what keywords to target? With the internet bringing in and taking out so many trends, it’s important that your SEO strategy revolves around looking for trends, and taking advantage of them.

We help you find trends, and then build strategy on which keywords around the trend would be beneficial for your brand, and how you can start ranking for those. 

At the same time, we spend hours monitoring and tracking every keyword that we work on across your website. This helps us track our progress as well as look for any new opportunities we could move towards. 

On-Page SEO Strategy for Newspapers

Structured data is the new way to bring unique users to your website. Structured data allows you to use dynamic features of the Google search engine to expose your brand to more people. 

Using structured data, I have generated almost 1 million impressions in the past year. These are impressions that would have not existed without structured data. 

How can I use structured data for news? has a lot of tools for you to understand and implement ways for search engines to understand your articles better. Schema allows you to tap directly into the Google news feed, and start displaying your content in front of users who are scrolling through content. This is great.

How can we help? 

From implementing one-time SEO campaigns to analyzing a whole years worth of data, our team of SEO consultants led by myself are ready to analyze and build an SEO strategy for your organization!

Structured Data Strategy for Online Publications