SEO for React Websites

We Bring SEO Strategy To JavaScript

Looking at this graph on the left from, you can see how popular ReactJS is getting with developers all over the world. Why is ReactJS so popular? Because of it’s dynamic functionality and smooth front-facing experience, it makes developing beautiful apps really easy. 

How SEO Works for Websites in React JS

SEO for React is a newer concept, especially with so many React websites popping up. So how does React SEO work? 


Just like any website, you need effective on-page SEO. From URL structure to 


With a team of developers who are experts in React, we can build a custom schema strategy. 


Your pre-render will define how search engines and users interact with your website experience.

On-Page SEO for React Websites

On-page SEO is one of the most important parts of any SEO campaign, and it’s no different for React websites. Sure, we can about the technical stuff. But really, we want to get into the dirt.

Mixing On-page and the Technical

Because React generally renders pages dynamically, React builds do not have URL routing in place by default. URL routing can be achieved with tools like React Router, which will help you generate unique URLs for each of your pages. Once you do that, we can work with your team to optimize your keywords strategy and work to build an SEO base for your website.

Whether or not you currently have developers, we can help you manage the SEO for your website. With a team of developers who are experts in React development, we can easily bring your React website to the first page of Google search.

When it comes to React and any Javascript framework, you have to be creative when you build your SEO strategy. With so much competition in SEO spaces everywhere, it’s important that your brand sticks out, and your custom React front-end can do that.

Structured data is the new way to bring unique users to your website. Structured data allows you to use dynamic features of the Google search engine to expose your brand to more people. 

How can you use Schema on React? With React being very functional as a dynamic framework, you can use custom schema modules to build frameworks that auto generate based on your on-page content.

Depedening on your industry and niche, we can build schema strategy that will generate thousands of impressions for your website. Check out our schema case study!

Schema Strategy for ReactJS

Combining SEO & Developers

Whenever you are using a framework that isn’t WordPress or one of the most popular website builders, you may face some challenges when it comes to SEO.

Why is React SEO so difficult? It mainly comes down to the growth of the community. Many people doing development in React focus solely on development issues, and pay less attention to marketing ones. This leaves a big gap for marketers like me who are working with cutting-edge technology to make sure it’s search engine friendly.

With a team of React developers and a team of marketing experts, we effectively combine the newest marketing tactics into our cutting edge websites.

Most people who are doing research on React SEO optimization have heard about server-side rendering and pre-rendering. These techniques improve your website’s SEO rankings and loading time for users. Server-side rendering uses the server or serverless app to load the initial render of the React app, sending the result to the user. Pre-rendering is essentially pre-loading all of your website’s routes and storing the result in a static folder, which gets served to the user.

We have a team of developers that can work with your current developers or help you take control of your own SEO. From analyzing your website for speed and structure, to doing in-depth views at how search engines look at your website, we know how to optimize SEO for your ReactJS website. 

Optimize Your React Pre-Render