SEO for VST Plugins & Manufacturers

We increase sales to your VST software or DSP hardware.

Over the past 10 years we have watched many parts of the audio production industry change. Amidst those changes, there have been major moves from analog hardware to digital simulations of analog hardware inside of VST software. We have experience working with audio hardware manufacturers to build SEO strategy around both hardware and digital products. 

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VST SEO Services

We are one of the first SEO agencies offering services directly to audio hardware companies, and that’s because we have a team of specialists who understand the world of music from doing SEO for recording studios and SEO for musicians.


We build strategies for finding high-intent users that want to try or purchase your audio product.

RICH DATA Optimization

We use structured data to build a custom strategy for targeting breakout rich snippets.


We audit your current heirarchy and suggest optimizations or new strategies. Specifically important for e-commerce.

Website Speed

Having a speedy website is essential to high performance on Google, but you guys probably know that already.


Social media and Google ads are probably where your money is going now. Let’s optimize.

Tracking & Analytics

We build weekly & monthly reports that give you insight into our work, progress, and overall traction.

1. organic SEO

Obviously, this is why you came to the page. You are interested in SEO services for your VST software or hardware brand. Let’s dig into what that actually means. 

SEO for VST Softwares

When it comes to software specifically, there’s a big market out there, and many of them have old websites that rank well but look terrible. I think we can beat that. How does SEO for VST plugins work?

If you have a new VST plugin that the market has never seen, it might be pretty easy to target your market. With a few solid backlinks, you’ll be ranking in some major positions. It’s really when you have a VST software that has been done over and over, and you are bringing a new twist.

For example, there are many new Reverb plugins that offer unique calculations and emulations that were never before available on hardware. For many of these plugins, it can be difficult to build traction against some of the titans like Waves and Universal Audio.

So, How can small VST manufactures build Organic traffic?

The best way to build organic traffic is just like any other start up company. 

  1. Build an organic content strategy
  2. Start finding success on social media & backlinking
  3. Create videos or hire content creators to feature your products and showcase and demo them

In addition to this, there are many structured data strategies these companies can take, as many of the big competitors are not yet on the level of using structured data tools like Schema markup.

Understanding your Current Keywords

Most brands look over their organic ranks and pay no attention to them over time. In reality, there are hundreds of opportunities for even large brands to increase incoming traffic from organic sources, even only if it’s temporary.

In this case study, you can see how we increased overall keywords and website traffic by almost 70% through keyword analysis and a simple content strategy. With a bit of organization, most companies can do this work themselves.

So why should I hire an SEO consultant?

The purpose of an SEO consultant is to enable and effectively guide your current marketing team. Whether it’s internal marketing or an agency, we have experience building strategy to harness strong results.

Organic SEO Pricing for VST Companies

the problem with paying for Ads before SEO

As competition increases in the realm of digital music production, more and more brands are flocking to the channels of social media and Google ads to drive clicks to their website.

Although social media ads are great for pulling in high-intent customers, they can be considered a waste if you have not established your organic SEO platform. Why do I say this?

If you set up your SEO before you run ads, the additional traffic coming from the ads will actual boost your SEO, and help your website function better across search engines.

If you do not have you organic SEO set up, and you are pushing users to your website, you are not growing your SEO at all.

Organic SEO can Improve ROI for Ads

If you are spending over $2,000 on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, you could be taking some of that money and investing it into to organic SEO to see your investment likely double. 

If your pages have great user experience and are ranking for the same keywords you are targeting in your ad text, your Google quality score will increase. This score determines the cost per click of each ad, and you can decrease the cost of each click by optimizing your SEO. Trust me, I’ve helped companies saved thousands on Google ads this way!

35% Increase in Clicks, 400% Increase in Impressions

Check out this graph, and you can see what the results look like at the end of the day. With a simple keyword strategy and effective on-page SEO optimizations, we were able to increase total clicks by over 35%.

When we optimize your organic platform, it makes it easier for Google to understand and display your content across Google search as well. When they see your Google ads perform well, they will rank your pages better on organic search. It all works hand in hand. 

2. rich data &
on-page SEO

Luckily, Google has given us many tools to help us better optimize and rank our content across Google. This helps you connect with new users who have never seen your brand, but are interested in VST plugins that align with it. Can I generate rich results for VST software?

When it comes to e-commerce, VST companies can utilize product SEO strategies to increase their visibility across organic search, as well as improve their results on Google Shopping

We Can Build Your Rich Data

rich snippets for CPG seo

Rich data is not as easy as building the code and adding it to your page, and many food websites do this only. It’s important to build a strategy around your rich data that involves analyzing performance, and watching for KPI’s that will signal optimizations.

We specialize in building rich data strategies that target specific keyword pockets and demographics to improve the user retention coming from Google organic search.

Optimize Your VST Plugin Heading Tags

Heading tags explain to Google how your page is organized. We can work with your team to figure out best practices in organizing heading tags and understanding how it will affect your page structure. 

Do the heading tags on my VST plugin pages matter? Yes. This is one of the first things we encourage you to look at to see if the hierarchy makes sense. Often times, we work with internal web developers to rebuild this structure so it makes more sense to Google. 

We use an internal software to categorize and measure each title tag on your website. This helps us make sure we are not overlapping pages as well as pushing each page to it’s fullest potential using it’s key SEO elements. 

On-page SEO Pricing

product SEO case study

With years of experience building complex SEO strategies, once structured data started hitting the surface of Google search, our team jumped right on it. Since the introduction of rich snippets to search, we have been working with clients to target every spot in the Google knowledge graph. 

How Product SEO can Win

In 2020, we have helped several major e-commerce brands take control of their SEO to better serve their customers, and lower the cost on their ads. If you look at this e-commerce SEO case study, you can see that in just 3 months, we increased the organic traffic coming to the website by 30%.

This was all done using keyword monitoring strategies, as well as structure data and on-page SEO tactics. Together, these efforts increased the number of keywords each product page ranked for, which over time increased organic sales.

Looking at the graph, our results have been getting better and better every day, even into 2020! My team understands just how important product structured data is for winning CPG SEO.