What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is a term used to describe the action of creating content or making changes to current content so the relevant search engine may rank your results more effectively.

This is usually used in reference to Google, as the most popular search engine in 2019. SEO is important to any business or individual who wants traffic to their website. As online technologies evolve, these people may want traffic to their e-commerce store, their business landing page, or perhaps informative articles much like this one. Traffic to their site, how long the site has been around, the quality of content on the site, and user experience all play a part in your “rank” on Google.

Why Does SEO Matter?

Your rank on Google can be the difference between you and your competition. You may deliver the same products and outreach to the same audience, but if your industry has a high volume of leads flow through the Google search engine, this may be the difference between collapsing and thriving.

This is prevalent when it comes to home services that have a high volume of search on Google, mainly because users will spend clicks to price check. Competition usually rises in the Google Map Pack, Google AdWords, and the organic results for keywords that have a high Return On Investment. Read the article about Search Engine Result Page breakdown to learn more about the competitive parts of a result page, as these are the pages where thousands of dollars flow every day between users with needs and businesses with dominance.

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