Writing SEO Content that Outranks Competitors

Most people understand that good organic SEO takes a long time. That’s just a fact.

Google needs time to understand how the quality of your content compares to others.

Generally over time, if you have a higher quantity AND quality of content, you will get better ranks than your competitors.

This is a key point for high competition industries that want to invest time, not money, into SEO.

Understanding Your Competitions Content

When it comes to building the content of your website, it’s important to analyze the competitors in your space for 3 distinctive qualities to their content:

  • Quantity
  • Quality
  • Keywords

Google’s search algorithms work every day to look at content all over the internet and value it based on these three elements.

Each industry has its own measurements for how many words should be included, the number of syllables you use, and the semantically related keywords you target.

Analyzing Content Quality

There are many tools that can help you analyze the quality of your competition’s content, but understanding how to do it yourself will make you better prepared for writing content that can even work to perform better.

The first thing we look at is heading tag organization and the quality of the headers. A well-structured page contains several H2 tags and H3 tags that help Google understand how to read your content.

A well-written heading tag answers a question that a user might have. It also works to direct users through the page and introduce them to important pieces of the content they might be interested in reading. Successful heading tags target important keywords to let Google know what the article is about.

Ideal Content-Length for SEO

Use tools like the SEMRush writing assistant to look at the content length of articles all across the web that is currently ranking in the top spots for keywords that you want to be ranking for.

Most of the time, short articles will be anywhere from 400 to 800 words, and longer articles are anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 words.

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