Add Recipe Schema to Your Shopify Website

As digital marketing and SEO evolve, we see trends in new functionality that can be added to your site to improve your Google search ranks. For some of my more outdated competitors, this kind of mentality is hard to embrace, but this is the core of how I run my agency. structured data for recipes

We are always on the lookout for new functionalities, and we implement smart and calculated ways to ensure we can prove the return on implementation. If you read this case study on recipe structured data you can see that implementing recipe schema strategies are very worth it.

Looking at this screenshot, you can see how after a basic implementation of Schema in July of 2019, we saw significant increases in organic impressions by October of 2019. That’s in 3 months!

I’ll break down how we did this more in the article.

Why Use Recipe Schema?

Recipe SEO is essential for any CPG brand or food blogger that is trying to grow their SEO. For CPG brands, it can be hard to create opportunities to target new keywords and expand your organic presence, but recipes are the key.

Recipes help you target specific keyword pockets to further your traction across Google search. We work with brands to develop successful recipe content strategies that span across Google, social media, and even 3rd party websites.

How To Install Recipe Schema on Shopify

Installing schema on Shopify websites is actually not that hard. If you are willing to spend the money, you can buy a Shopify App

Use an App to Add Rich Snippets on Shopify

Through the Shopify app store, you can purchase several different plugins for adding structured data to your Shopify website. Tools like Rich Snippets for SEO have a one-time cost to them but can effectively increase your organic sales over time.

Do it Manually

The Shopify theme builder can help you install schema to your individual pages to help you generate rich snippets across Google search. This Shopify support article  can give you some insight into how you can do this yourself, and it will fully depend on what theme you are using and how your pages are structured. As you generate blog pages, you can individually add recipe schema to those pages to generate rich snippets.

Hire a Developer

This is generally the most obvious answer, but also the easiest. Developers will help you add recipe schema to your website and make sure it’s done correctly. Contact us for a free estimate on what it would cost to add recipe schema to your website!

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