How To Add Schema to a Weebly Website

Weebly is a great website builder, and I highly recommend it to people who are building their first website and want to design it themselves.

On that note, structured data is something that is becoming more and more relevant for people who are using Weebly. If you have a food blog website that is hosted on Weebly, you will want to implement structured data so search engines can display your content better.

Do I Need Structured Data on Weebly?

For most websites, you probably don’t need custom schema on every page. At the same time, almost every Weebly Website SEO strategy involves using Schema in some way, so here’s who should be considering structured data:

  • Local businesses
  • Large organizations
  • Recipe websites
  • How-To tutorial website
  • News & Publications

Generally, these industries will want to know how to implement structured data on their website.

How To Implement Structured Data on Weebly Websites

In the following table, we go through the exact steps required to install structured data on your Weebly website. This is one of the most important ways to optimize your Weebly SEO in 2020. Once you have installed the code, you will want to use Google’s testing tool to ensure it’s able to read and understand your schema correctly!

Steps Picture
1. Log into your Weebly website
2. Click “Edit Website” in Weebly Website Dashboard
3. Once you are in the Weebly website editor, Select the Page you want to Edit
4. In the Build Menu, add Embed Code to the top of the page. Paste your code here.
5. Once your code is added, go to the Structured data testing tool with your website URL for verification.

Schema FAQ for Weebly

Below, we have compiled some of the most common questions we get regarding using structured data on Weebly.

How Do I Create my Own Schema?

Using the information found on, you are able to put together your own custom schema that is tailored for your website. If this task seems a bit complicated, you can work with a developer (like me) to help you write your code.

There are also some automatic tools you can use to help you structure your schema. Some of the tools work well and have updated standards, but oftentimes Google is changing how they read and analyze schema, which makes it hard for generative tools to keep up.

I have a local business, do I need schema?

Funny that you ask, cause Google has a structured data format made exactly for local businesses. This structured data associates your business and your Google My Business account, and can also work to associate some of your SEO juice coming from directories.

Can I put Schema across my whole Weebly website at once?

The Weebly website builder does not make adding Schema easy, but using the SEO functionalities in the backend, you should be able to add custom Javascript to every page on your website. If you’re working on a local business Schema or an organization schema, you are able to easily implement schema across the whole website.

How do I generate Rich Snippets on my Weebly Website?

Rich markup on your website is going to be the best way for Google to generate snippets for your website on Google search. If you are optimizing your recipe schema, you will want to be generating rich results across Google that are increasing your impressions.

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