3 Steps to Optimize Content for TikTok SEO

Tik Tok is becoming one of the most popular social media channels, and we help content creators optimize their content across this platform as they generate relationships with brands and other influencers.

We have created a Tik Tok SEO guide to help people who are just starting to post and grow their following across Tik Tok. In this article, we will be talking about how to optimize your Tik Tok content and some of the best practices of posting viral videos on the platform.

1. Create a Hashtag Strategy

No matter if you are new to Tik Tok, or are already doing well on the platform, it’s important to create a hashtag strategy. What does a TikTok hashtag strategy look like? Similar to other video-centric social media platforms, you can utilize and optimize your content across the Tik Tok search engine using hashtags.

Create a document on Google Drive or Microsoft Word where you can keep track of hashtags that you are targeting. Now, we will talk about how to find the best hashtags to generate views.

What should I be looking for in my hashtags?

When it comes to finding hashtags to target, it matters how old your account is and where you have found success already (or no success for that matter). I think it’s important for new users and veteran users to approach their hashtags discovery process in different ways.

target trending hashtags on tik tok
trending hashtags from normal user view
trending hash tag from creator view
trending hashtags from creator user view

For new TikTok users: Just like we explain in our Tik Tok SEO guide, new users should start their focus on long-tail keywords until they have more views and are more established. Talking to some successful Tik Tok content creators, they have also mentioned doing a good mix of both long-tail and trending keywords for the opportunities to hit some viral pockets.

For experienced TikTok users: Each successful Tik Tok content creator has a different way of getting where they are. I think it’s really important to keep track of hashtags that you have trended on, so you can work to optimize for those in the future.

Looking at the screenshots here provided by Daniel Wall, you can see that Tik Tok will promote hashtags they think will be effective for your content, or just hashtags that align with your audience.

It’s important to pay attention to these hashtags and even curate some of your content based on what Tik Tok thinks could work.

2. Monitor Peak Engagement Times

One of the most important steps of optimizing your Tik Tok content is ensuring you are posting at peak times.

tik tok best times to post

When is the best time to post content on TikTok? Because there are thousands of videos that go in and out of trending in an hour, it’s important to hit important hashtags during the times of the day where traffic is the best. The best times to post on Tik Tok are generally between 3 pm to 7 pm.

Looking at this screenshot from Daniel Wall, you can get an idea for how Tik Tok will show you key times of the day to post your content and will show you it’s effectiveness through analytics.

Learn From People You Follow

Often times the people you are following are implementing some of the best strategies in terms of hashtag targeting and peak engagement time management. I have created a new Tik Tok account not associated with my main account to not follow any hashtags, but only creators. This helps me curate my feed a bit better a learn from successful content creators.

3. Push Views To Your Tik Tok Videos

Leverage Your Other Networks

If you’re wanting to grow your following on Tik Tok, it’s important to leverage your other social media platforms. If you’re on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, be sure to try and point people to your Tik Tok content as you’re just starting out. How can I get TikTok views easily?

Pointing people from your other social media to Tik Tok is one of the best ways of getting some easy Tik Tok views. The Tik Tok algorithm will see this boost in views and work to promote you across hashtags more frequently.

Jump on Trends

The thing about Tik Tok is that it is moving very quickly. With such a high volume of content combined with how quickly the hashtags move, you have to keep up with popular trends to stay relevant in the Tik Tok landscape.

Create Holiday Focused Content

Find Growing Hashtags

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