5 Simple Wix SEO Tips for New Websites

Why Use Wix for your Website?

Wix is one of the most user-friendly website builders out there. It makes it easy to set up your website, connect it to your domain, and get started with designing. Those are the essentials for any small or medium-sized business owner!

So, what happens once your Wix site is build and ready to be shown to people? A lot of users decide to run ads or spend money on digital advertising. Although this is a great way to get traffic to your site today, this is not effective for generating traffic over time; what is called organic traffic. Building organic traffic on your site is easier than you think, and in this article, we are going to talk through 5 ways you can improve your Wix SEO.

Benefits of Using Wix for SEO

Like I was saying, Wix makes it easy to design your website yourself, and add content yourself too.

With the front-end content management system, Wix makes it easy for people to create content on their own website, and make it look good too! This is a major SEO benefit for small business owners when comparing Wix to other website frameworks. The power is in your hands!

Another benefit is the free SEO options inside of the builder. From meta & title tags to custom scripts you can add to each page, Wix provides you with baseline functionality to run an SEO campaign. With sitemap functionality, robots.txt editor, and easy site verifications for Google, Wix is a good option if you are new to SEO.

Downsides of using Wix for SEO

Like all website builders, there will be pros and cons to the SEO options. For one, Wix makes it pretty difficult to implement structured data onto individual pages. In addition, routing URLs are sometimes structured in an “unfriendly” way and can make it difficult for search engines to understand what your website is about.

With some proper setup, Wix is perfectly fine for SEO and will work for any small to medium-sized businesses.

Easy Tips to Improve your Wix SEO

Here are 5 tips to improve your Wix SEO in 2021:

  1. Create a keyword targeting strategy (analyze competitors)
  2. Optimize meta & title tags across the site
  3. Add alt tags to your images
  4. Use Google Analytics & Google Search Console
  5. Build local backlinks to your website

Now that I’ve listed them out, we will be talking about each item individually.

1. Create Keyword Targeting Strategy

This is the first thing I work on for any client that hires me. Building an effective keyword strategy is 90% of a great SEO campaign. If you’re targeting the wrong keywords and the wrong users, your SEO probably isn’t going to work.

So how can you build a keyword strategyThe first step is to look at your competitors and see how they are approaching SEO. Are they uploading new content to their website, or does their website look old and out of date?

If your competitors are uploading content, see what they are writing about. Does it seem like they are doing it themselves, or is someone else writing content for them? When it comes to local service business SEO, it’s important to create content that reflects your business, and it turns shows your customer how you are genuine. If your competitors are using robotic content, this could be an opportunity for you to take the lead!

You can use keyword tracking tools like Google Trends and Ubersuggest to see what users are searching near you. If you get a good understanding of what people are actually searching for, this will give you the best chance for targeting them with your content via Google search!

2. Optimize Meta and Title Tags

One great feature of Wix is how easy it is to create a custom Meta and title tag for each page. These tags help Google understand your page, and should be targeted using your list of keywords we generated in the first step.

How do I update my title tag on Wix? In the site menu options, hit the three dots and you will see an SEO settings tab for each individual page. You will need to click through each one and create a custom tag based on the content of the page.

This content will display when people search your website. Be sure it’s conversational and is a hook to bring users to your content!

3. Add Alt tags to your images

Alt tags are the best way for Google to understand what your image content is about in context to your website. Image SEO is incredibly important on Wix, and I’ve seen many websites rely on images to build an SEO platform for themselves.

Go through each page and ensure your images have alt tags and titles that make sense for what the content is about on-page.

4. Google Analytics and Search Console

Wix makes it easy to get your site verified on Google, but using the platforms is another thing. Analytics is important for understanding how your users are interacting on-page. For Wix, you can set up goals inside your Google analytics to give you alerts when Users are interacting the way you want. This can be helpful if you are just setting your website up for the first time.

Additional Google search console is the way to see how your website’s SEO is doing. Search console gives you a direct feed into how your pages are being indexed if there are any errors, and it can even provide recommendations.

5. Building Local Links for your Wix Website

This can apply to almost any website framework, but to have a successful SEO campaign, you will need a couple of backlinks. Even with national sized chains, local level backlinks can be really important for building SEO traction. If you are a local business yourself, see if you can generate any links from other organizations or local business advocates. The more links you can build for your website using local strategy, the easier it will be to start off your campaign.

Many users opt to pay for backlinks to see temporary increases in their SEO. Do not purchase links unless they are building relationships and then generating links through that. Buying links is a very dangerous market, and many agencies use bought links to justify SEO traction when nothing has been created.


Is Wix Good for SEO?

Like almost all website frameworks, your SEO will function properly if it’s set up properly. That includes targeting keywords that are relevant to your business, updating meta and title tags on each page, and writing engaging content that users like. Wix can do all of these things, but over time can limit how far your website can scale up.

Can I Use Schema on Wix?

Structured data or schema markup is an important way for websites to target users on search with their content. From recipes to how-to material, structured data can help you generate rich snippet impressions and clicks to your website. For older websites, this is a great way to keep building your traction after you have hundreds of pages written.


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