How To Kickstart your Weebly SEO in 2022

With 2021 coming closer and closer, I am getting more emails every day asking the best ways for people to start off their Weebly SEO.

When it comes to Weebly, there isn’t a ton of information online on how to actually get ranks. Sure, you can do optimizations on your site and get backlinks, but will that generate solid keyword ranks in the future? In my experience in Weebly, you need a solid content strategy to consistently maintain high ranks on Google. Let’s dig into this more.

Build Your Weebly SEO Content Strategy

Content is key, and on Weebly, it’s no different. Except on Weebly, it takes a little bit more work to make your posts visible and to actually see traction via search engines. We will talk about what some of that work is.

If you are a local business, your content strategy will be generally simple and focused locally.

If you’re targeting national traffic, you will need a diverse content strategy that includes social media, blog posts, service pages, and honestly as much content as you can create. For national targeting, I generally don’t recommend Weebly, but I have seen it work and be effective for its user experience and backend capabilities.

Weebly Website Content Ideas

If you are building your website SEO and content from scratch, here are some content ideas I generally recommend to clients:

  • Create a page targeting every service you offer
  • Create frequently asked questions page
  • Write an engaging mission or about statement
  • Create unique social media posts highlighting each service and pictures for each

These are just the beginning of what recommend, and there are many directions you can go. Next, I will talk about the best ways to scale your content, as well as monitoring successes.

Scaling your Weebly content

As you create more and more content for your website, you will want to see increasing impressions and clicks over time coming from search engines. How can I optimize my Weebly site for more traffic? The best ways to optimize are to use structured data and backlinks that focus on your target keywords.

Based on the suggestions I provided above, you should have a page targeting every service you provide. For carpenters, it might be, “”. When you do strict keyword targeting like this instead of pointing all keywords to your homepage, this allows you to make optimizations that target keyword pockets. Essentially, it makes it easier to do SEO on your website.

Strategize a Backlink Profile

Now that you have your website strategy in motion, it’s time to build some backlinks. Being honest, most websites using Weebly have not set up their content well enough to even start thinking about backlinks. Why do you need good content for backlinks to work?

Many agencies that generate backlinks use ineffective methods to generate links. Sure, they may get you 100 backlinks pointing to your website, but where are these links coming from? Often times a lot of these links are coming from toxic domains, and can actually hurt your ranks on Google over time. They may lead to temporary gains, but will eventually Google will see that these links are not relevant to your website.

So, how can you build backlinks on Weebly? Here are my top strategies for doing this work:

  1. Local and national directory listings (platforms like SEMRush can help)
  2. Build relationships with other people who are in your niche
  3. Reach out to people who may link to your blog posts

Setup Analytics and Search Console

Now that you have content flowing and your backlinks linked up, it’s time to monitor your website traffic. Generally, I recommend setting this up as you set up your website so you can see progress over time.

Google search console is the best way to see how Google is scanning and indexing your website.


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