The Power of TikTok Marketing for Health Organizations

As the world moves through the Corona Virus crisis of 2020, we are seeing many organizations is using social media to push powerful messages to millions of people. The benefit of platforms like TikTok is how they can move ideas and concepts into the minds of people all over the world in a matter of hours. And this time it’s more important than ever.

In this article will talk about some organizations that have stuck out in the ways they have been using TikTok to push people information, but I am also gonna talk about ways they could improve their TikTok marketing campaigns.

World Health Organization on TikTok

Let’s look at the example of the World Health Organization (WHO) which is presented with marketing a campaign on Corona Virus prevention. They have used TikTok to create videos that inform people on how they can prevent spreading as well as guide them to more resources. This is really smart!

@whoWe can prevent the worst ##COVID19 numbers with a comprehensive approach: test, trace, treat, isolate. ##coronavirus♬ original sound – who

In terms of optimizing their TikTok, WHO does not provide a link in their bio for users to find more information. Look at organizations like The Telegraph who are using LinkTree to create a landing page for their links. This would be a great optimization for WHO, and something I recommend to increase your traffic.

When it comes to spreading information far and wide, utilizing web platforms and web apps are a great way to enable users to share this information. Don’t leave content on TikTok cause not everyone has TikTok.

In 2020, web apps are essential for these users. TikTok SEO can help optimize these pages or your website for a mobile experience.

UNICEF on TikTok

These are never things we expected. But as time goes on, TikTok proves itself to be a great way to connect with people all over the world. Since the Corona Virus, that has been more important than ever! Take a look at their most popular video right now and we will talk about why it did so well!

@unicefFive ways to protect yourself and loved ones from ##coronavirus ##covid19.♬ Please Don’t Go(Snap Your Life) – Joel Adams

Trends are obviously very important across TikTok and that’s how you get views.

Good information and quality content will always win out. No matter the platform you are on search engines will optimize in that direction.

UNICEF has its own TikTok page for almost every continent. This works to connect users to content from their country, not English content.

There are several optimizations that could be made for these TikTok videos. From adding links to the bio to uploading a PDF or some resource to the internet, they could’ve generated a lot of traffic to their website. Does website traffic from TikTok matter?

Yes, almost all website traffic matters. But traffic from TikTok will be generally low-intent users (meaning they have no brand loyalty) and this can give you the opportunity to reach new users and increase your brand awareness. It’s working for musicians everywhere. Brands should be optimizing their content across TikTok for website traffic and SEO.

Things To Take Away for Non-Profits

With so many world organizations jumping on TikTok to spread the message about the virus, we see how integral these platforms are to connecting people with important messages. Non-profits all over the world should use platforms like TikTok to increase awareness for the work they do and how it impacts the world.

If you are a non-profit organization that does community impact work or conservation, using TikTok may be a smart decision in connecting with a younger audience and bringing more traffic to your brand and your website. If you need a TikTok marketing consultation, please contact me.

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